Western Star truck pics

A pictorial tribute to Western Star trucks, and those who drive over the road.

Yahoo answersIs Western Star Trucks in trouble with Owner Operators being pushed out of the market?

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    companies use Western Star truck too.

Yahoo answersWhy doesn't Western Star export trucks to Europe and Asia?

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    There's not a big market overseas for American built trucks.

Yahoo answersWhat would be causing this smell in the cab of my Western Star semi truck?

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    Are you sure a wire isn't burning back there. A short or a broken wire could slowly cook the insulation around it and it would smell something like what you're describing.

Yahoo answersHow to find an air leak in a Western Star semi truck?

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    Completely normal. Find a new mechanic

Yahoo answersWhat is the right coolant for a big truck(western star) radiator.? ?

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    The truck brand does not matter, if you have a CAT engine you probably have CAT antifreeze. If so it is red, if not a CAT or if it is a CAT but has been changed to the green antifreeze at some.

Yahoo answersWhat is the best Semi-Truck company? Western Star, Peterbilt, Freight liner, Volvo, Mack, Kenworth?

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