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Sterling Trucks

  • Robert Bache jr

    Who makes sterling trucks ?

    Sterling trucks has a long and somewhat confusing history. The brand has changed owners several times since the original company was formed back in the 1950's. Sterling trucks are out of.

  • blondebartender5

    Did Chevrolet make a truck called a "Sterling Silverado"?

    I saw one about a year ago, but now I can't find anything about them. Also, I would like to find a picture of one.

    http://images. com/images. hl=en&q=sterling+silverado&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=2 Chevrolet does not make a sterling series truck. There is a aftermarket company that installs special equipment.

  • 9buzz

    Air ride seats in a Sterling truck?

    I have a Sterling truck and both seats are air ride equipped for comfort. The driver and passenger seats seem to have the same configuration for it. An up and down handle that you pump. On the driver side if you put down the handle all the way.

    lift bottom of seat,ck switch and air lines,switch might be broken. lines bypassed.

  • Doug Z

    Brake Lights on 2000 Sterling Dump Truck?

    The brake lights on the left rear of dump truck don't work all the time. Since the turn signal and the brake light works thru 1 wire, does this mean the turn signal on the steering column is bad. Or is there another place that turn and brake light.

    my answer is try to check it out first on auto repair shop dude

  • Phillip

    Does dodge make sterling trucks?

    I saw this truck the other day and am wondering if it is made by dodge because it looks just like our ram 3500 just different grill and logo.

    Yeppers, it's made by dodge, the only thing different is the grille

  • Br D

    what is current site for sterling truck?



  • Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario

  • American Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles of World War I

    McFarland. 2010. ISBN: 9780786457250,0786457252. 428 pages.

    "Hundreds of companies were building vehicles for military as well as civilian use during this time. From their beginnings until their demise, the histories of 225 of the companies that manufactured cars, trucks and motorcycles for the civilian market are provided, along with representative illustrations and specs for each company that existed in 1917 and 1918"--Provided by publisher.

pacific union sterling internationaltruck
Union Pacific Sterling Crane dump
Photo by RyanP77 on Flickr
truck dump sterling
Sterling quad axle dump
Photo by RyanP77 on Flickr
pacific union sterling internationaltruck
Union Pacific IH 7500
Photo by RyanP77 on Flickr

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