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  • cjmplyy09

    Where can I buy a mack truck hood ornament without buying online?

    Also I am in Illinois. If anyone out there can help me out I would GREATLY appreciate it.

    Most truck stops on the Interstates have stores attached that sell tons of this sort of decoration. If there is a truck stop near where you live, go there and check out what they have. Otherwise,.

  • splattercheese

    Why don't Mack trucks have toilets?

    So I was watching this show on TV about how they build trucks and they got to the part about sleeper cabs. It looked nice inside, had a TV, a fridge, air conditioning but it dawned on me there wasn't a toilet. So I was curious if trucks like this.

    the trucks you see just come with the basics since the truck drivers can stop at truck stops for s #*+/ showers and shaves. and you can get a truck special ordered that will come with toilet and.

  • teens, how come mack trucks are allowed on the highway?

    they are dangerous because they are so big. am i right.

    Well, maybe we should close down all the shops and malls because you consider the vehicles that deliver the goods to be soo dangerous- how do you think your food gets to the shop. It certainly.

  • gorebet

    Mack CH613 truck?

    Mack CH613 truck. We are trying to ship a Mack trucks to Africa. The Mack truck is CH613. Any one tell me if this is a good choice of truck for the African rough road. Also can you tell me which is durable. Air ride suspension.

    Now that Mack has joined Volvo they have become more user friendly,but in Africa this may not be the hot tip. I drove for two companies that used ch613 and spring ride rear suspention and they were.

  • Don A

    Gas mileage for a mack truck?

    I need an estimate of what kind of gas mileage a mack truck would get. Its for a project im doing so it doesnt have to be really precise. o sorry didnt mean to get so damn technical, Diesel mileage then, what kind of diesel mileage would a.

    A bobtail tractor will get about 10 mpg if driven 62mph in the flats ,I bobtailed from wisconcin to florida and never fueled ,it was so cool. and as a matter of fact it was a MACK with a genuine.

  • Memphis

    Does anyone know about mack trucks and the union negotiations 2007?

    I work for the memphis warehouse and we are tring to get under the master contract we are not getting told anything about what is going on someone please help. i know about the october 31 extention.

    The last I saw was this from two weeks ago:. Picketers at Mack engine plant 'trying to save jobs'. October 10, 2007. By RUBY L. BAILEY. FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER. Shortly after 11 a. m. , dozens of cars.


  • Mack Trucks

    MBI Publishing Company. 2014. ISBN: 0760312370,9780760312377. 159 pages.

    Contains over 300 archival photographs describing the history of Mack Trucks from the early twentieth century to the 1960s.

  • Mack Trucks

    Thomson Crisp Learning. 2014. ISBN: 0760312184,9780760312186. 128 pages.

    Mack, the world's notable brand of semi-truck, and its bulldog symbol have been renowned for power, durability, and ingenuity since 1900. Mack was the first company to engineer a cab-over design, and built the first hook-and-ladder fire truck. As a testament to the popularity of the truck, vintage models are actively collected and restored by a serious enthusiast following. Henry Rasmussen captures the beauty and power of Mack trucks in his lens, featuring both perfectly restored and original examples to chronicle the development of the company's big rigs from 1900 to the present. Included are photos of the third oldest AC truck in existence.

concrete cementmixer cement empire mack cementtruck concretemixer macktruck concretetruck empiretransitmix mixertruck readymixtruck trucknyc
Empire Transit Mix Mack Granite truck 166
Check out
Photo by RyanP77 on Flickr
brooklyn truck easter garbage 24mm heil macktruck 2470mmf28 d700 filcocarting
Mack Truck - Heil - Filco Carting Loads Up on Court Street
Photo by Diacritical on Flickr
california red nikon bluesky vista whiteclouds macktruck antiquegasandsteamenginemuseum d7000 agsem
Mack Truck
Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum, Vista, California
Photo by DaveReichert on Flickr

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