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2014 Peterbilt 579 Sleeper Truck Review - Baltimore, MD 21201

thepetestore. com/ 410-342-3400 2014 Peterbilt 579 Truck Review - Baltimore, MD 21201 - BEST Truck Dealership In Maryland.

  • jim m

    peterbilt trucks?

    I have a 2001 Peterbilt 379. I am having problems with the low air warning buzzer and light not going off. I have changed sensors and power board but with no change. Anyone having the same problem or have an answer to my problem please let me.

    i drive a 2000 pete 379 and have been driving it since new. take the cover off down behind the brake and clutch where the low air switch is. look at the switches and see if you don't see signs of.

  • markpwilms41m

    why does Peterbilt name its truck 379?

    what does 379 mean with the peterbilt 379.

    The 379 was Peterbilt's flagship truck from 1987 until the 2007 model year maintaining the nameplate's signature long-nose styling. Available in standard (119" BBC) and long hood (127" BBC).

  • Shana H

    Trying to by a Peterbilt Truck?

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  • Patrick

    Peterbilt truck frames?

    I have noticed that some Peterbilt trucks among others have long frames with a lot of space between the cab and the trailer. What are the reasons for this. Is there an advantage to having a truck with a longer frame as opposed to a shorter one.

    if you are talking about tractors it gives you a longer wheel base better ride is one reason how ever you can get any truck with long wheel bases better stability with a long wheel base vs a.

  • William S

    which company delivers peterbilt trucks from factory to dealer?

    excuse the spelling of there name but its kenosha transport company. they fly there drivers out to where trucks need to be moved from one dealer / manufacturer to another. the drivers have the.

  • Manuel

    Does the Peterbilt are good Trucks ?

    Anybody can tell me something about the Peterbilt and a litte about Detroit Engines .

    peterbilt is a good truck with the detroit in it lower cost of mantance and lower fuel cost compared to a cat engine


  • Peterbilt: Long-Haul Legend

    MotorBooks International. ISBN: 9781616730161,1616730161.
  • American Semi Trucks

    MotorBooks International. ISBN: 161060573X,9781610605731.
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