International LoneStar - Kick butt retro truck!

The new LoneStar is International Truck & Engine's "game changing" truck.

Yahoo answersAnyone familiar with problems in newer commercial trucks (international in particular )?

Yahoo answersWhat causes brake light switch to go on international trucks ?

Yahoo answersHow Many People Like International Trucks?

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Yahoo answersHow do you read fault codes on international trucks?

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    turn the key push the button count the blinks notice the pause look it up in your code chart . or find a shop with a cpu that can hook up to your motor. about a hundred bucks to start.

Yahoo answerswhere can i find vin number information for 1985 international trucks?

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    Commonly there are FOUR location that you will find the VIN Number. Through the front windshield of the car, bottom right if you are standing in front of the car. Driver side Door, you.

Yahoo answersInternational trucks: what would cause the truck to bog down and only go up to 45 mph?

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    if it's a diesel, it needs a new fuel filter :)

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