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2013 Fruehauf Planker Tipping Trailer

Brand new 67cuyd Sloper Saf Disc, Front Lift, Tool box, manual role over sheet https://www.

  • earl e

    what where & who / the origin of the tractor trailer?

    Brief History of the Semi-trailer. August Charles Fruehauf (1868-1930), was a blacksmith and carriage builder in the Detroit area. In 1914, he built a trailer to carry a merchant's.

  • deac

    Who make the big semi trailers in the USA?

    The question is semi TRAILERs. Great Dane Trailers . Utility Trailers. Fruehauf Trailers. Transcraft Trailers. Wabash Trailers. Fontaine Trailers. Dorsey Trailers. Wilson Trailers.

  • triplet_llc

    List of manufactures who produce aluminum trailers that haul flammable products?

    Assuming you want this for a class 8 truck, there is Trailmobile, Fruehauf, KY Trailer all who manufacture class 8 trailers. There are a number of makers but not typically for p/u truck size use.

  • T-A-D Lives!!

    Who built the first big rig?

    Who built the first 18 wheeler.

    According to Amtrex. net, the first semi truck was invented in 1914 by August Charles Fruehauf. The first semi-trailer was built to haul a boat for one of Fruehauf's merchants. In 1918, Fruehauf.


    I am trying to find out if a 1993 fruehauf trailer is supposed to have one air valve or 2 for the air bags?

    auroraparts. com/PartsCatalog. look in "brakes" find the valve that matches yours. as far as how many valves there are, it depends on which type/ mfgr. of the suspension.

  • CJ100

    Is there a specific name for those Huge Trucks you get in the US that pull massive trailers?

    What's the name of those Trucks you get on Ice Road Truckers and that. Is there a specific name for them. Like "extended Trucker" or something. Cause when I type it in google all I get are pick up trucks.

    What you see on Ice Road truckers are class 8 trucks also known as semi, 18 wheelers and big rigs. In US they are regulated by DOT regulations. In normal situations they are permitted to have a.


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    2014. 24 pages.
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    American Bar Association. 1984. 755 pages.
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Fruehauf Corporation was an American corporation engaged in the manufacture and sale of truck trailers with headquarters located in Detroit, Michigan. and bankrupted in 1997. The only time I’ve seen an F come to a...
Photo by Stewf on Flickr
truck interior trailer
Architecture by Fruehauf
Truck trailer interior
Photo by Telstar Logistics on Flickr
architecture truck trailer
Architecture by Fruehauf
Truck trailer interior
Photo by Telstar Logistics on Flickr

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