Ford Truck History -- rise of the F-150

Truck sales and SUV sales have collapsed but the All-American pick up truck still commands a loyal following. And truck buyers are the most brand loyal consumers who swear their Ford, Chevy or Dodge is better than the competition.

Yahoo answersFord trucks?

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    Two wheel Ford 2X4s come with a minimum slip rear axle but you can order a posi trac if that's what you want.

Yahoo answersford trucks?

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    be thankful for 200 h. p. thats about all your gonna get outta this one without any tuning but 330to 380 is possible just with tuning and head work dual ex. 4 barrel you are close to 250

Yahoo answersWhere to find out about factory custom Ford trucks, and custom packages for the trucks?

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    http://www. ford-trucks. com/forums/index. Ford Heaven of the Internet

Yahoo answersDoes Bosch Platnum work with Ford trucks?

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    Of course the work, but neither the plat, plat 2s, nor plat 4's are worth it. Motorcraft plugs have been PROVEN to work best in non extreme performance fords, AND MANY other vehicles.

Yahoo answersDoes Ford give an extra incentive to companies who want to buy their cars or trucks?

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    You would be eligible for whatever standard rebates apply.

Yahoo answersWhat is the country song that makes fun of Ford trucks?

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    Lord mr ford - Jerry Reed

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