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1998-2004 Honda/Isuzu Truck's Complete Power Steering Rack and Pinion Assembly

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Isuzu Truck NPR Series Tour At NTEA Work Truck Show

Michael Kennedy with Isuzu Commercial Truck of America gives us a walkaround on the Isuzu NPR Series Low Cab Forward (Tilt Cab) Truck.

  • Ryan

    Are Isuzu pick up trucks any good? please help?

    looking at buying a pick up truck for 3000-4000 pounds iv ruled out the L200 and the Navara d22 due to both showing not to be very reliable. so im am now taking a look at ISUZU, what are the write ups like and are there engines reliable.

    Depends, are you looking at a 2012 model. If you are Isuzu is the best investment you will ever made. Isuzu has revamp their engine for the 2012 model,because they had problem with the older model.

  • Davy

    best scan tool for isuzu npr trucks?

    Im hopefully getting a job doing diag work on isuzu npr trucks, diesel 4 cyl. I have been looking online for a good diagnostic tool for them and im not seeing much. Does anyone know what would be the best one. these trucks are 2003-2007. I heard.

    Tech 2 but make sure you get both the Isuzu as well as the GM cards for it.

  • Tafari

    How do you determine the unladen weight of an Isuzu Elf Truck?

    How/where do I find the UNLADEN weight of an Isuzu Elf truck. I want to import such a truck but the regulation says only a truck over 3tons in UNLADEN WEIGHT can be imported at that age. Can anyone help me to determine this.

    unladen weight means the weight of the truck if it is carrying no load. The weight of the truck should be clearly posted on the manufacturers website or on the ID tag on the truck.

  • john b

    who have a purple isuzu truck?

    eeek not me. i don't think truckies would fancy a purple truck. Its like asking them to drive a bright pink voltswagon polo.

  • diago f

    isuzu trucks?

    I have bought ISUZU D-MAX HI-DEF 3. 0L INTERCOOLER TURBODIESEL in MALAYSIA. The questions from me as following :. 1) What is similar engine/capacity for this model comparing to US isuzu trucks. 2)What is the meaning of D- MAX HI-DEF FOR THIS.

    contact ISUZU

  • mrgoron1

    How do I know if I should buy this Diesel Isuzu truck?

    Okay, so I am starting a business, but I need a truck. The Isuzu I can get has 177K on it, and the dealer is asking $9,900. The GVWR is 14,500 and it's an auto diesel. The truck has no box, but I am building a specialty one anyways. Any comments,.

    com for value. Most small businesses own this or a similar truck. 177 K is not much on a diesel. Make sure you are licensed to drive such a truck, check state licensing requirements.


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telford tws isuzu refusetruck lk59fpd
LK59FPD Isuzu Truck
LK59FPD Isuzu rear loading refuse truck, with Telford & Wrekin Services, used in situations where standard refuse trucks are too large.
Photo by harrypope on Flickr
thailand kanchanaburi songthaew ruralthailand saiyoknoiwaterfall maxicab isuzutruck thailandpublictransport saiyoknoiwaterfallsource khaopungwaterfall thailandruraltransport sourceofsaiyoknoiwaterfall
Maxi songthaew
This is one of the maxi songthaews outside the entrance to the Saiyok Noi falls. These are basically pick up trucks with seats behind, which run as local buses. This one is an Isuzu. Songthaews, or maxi cabs are...
Photo by oldandsolo on Flickr
bus public cebu songthaew isuzutruck philippinescebu usouso transportlocal
Local bus - uso uso
The following morning, while waiting for our car to arrive, we get a chance to see how Cebu travels to work. My hotel was located at a T junction, and while waiting, we noticed quite a few songhaews, called uso uso...
Photo by oldandsolo on Flickr

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