VSS or Vehicle Speed sensor

Explains the Vehicle speed sensor scanner testing. The vehicle speed sensor is used by the transmission computer or TCM to shift the unit. We allow all schools and training institutions to use our software free of charge, so long as it is not sold to.

'Escape Routes' a new prime time reality show stars 2013 Ford Escape - Examiner.com

“This is the first time an automaker has used prime-time television to launch a new vehicle and it is a great showcase for the all-new Escape,” said Jim Farley, Ford group vice.

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Yahoo answersWhat could be wrong with my vehicle speed sensor?

Yahoo answersHow do I replace a vehicle speed sensor on my GMC Jimmy?

  • GMC

    I think on your GMC its on the transmission near the rear output shaft that runs to your rear wheels.

Yahoo answers1992 Audi 100CS idling rich and speedometer not working, could both be caused by vehicle speed sensor?

  • Audi

    The VSS and rich idle are two totally separate issues on your car. The amount of fuel added K-Jetronic system (early form of fuel injection). The VSS is not an input to the K-Jet.

Yahoo answerswhere is the vehicle speed sensor located on a 1990 honda civic si.? the dealer is saying it should have a spe?

  • Maintenance & Repairs


Yahoo answers95 Chevy automatic S10-changed vehicle speed sensor speedometer still not working and does not change gears.?

  • Chevrolet

    If you blew a fuse doing what you were doing you might have done more damage than you thought. I would check all the fuses again. If that doesn't find anything, you will have to get the PCM scanned.

Yahoo answersWhat systems do a vehicle speed sensor affect?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    ABS, Traction control, stability control, and could affect the shifting of an auto transmission.

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