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97-04 Chevrolet Corvette power window regulator w/ motor RH passenger side

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Bedini-Cole Window Motor

net & http://energyscienceforum. com This "window motor" uses the Bedini-Cole switching method and is based on John Bedini's lab notes from.

  • Sammie

    Is there a difference between the front and back driver motor in 98 intrepid?

    I recently bought a 1998 intrepid and among other problems I have one working window, the Driver side back window. I was hoping to find out before taking the door apart if the motor for the front is the same as the back for the driver side.

    I've all 4 of those window motors and I've had to change two so far on my Intrepid and their a bit of a pain if you're just trying to replace the motor bec of the bracket alignment, tension and its.

  • Cool DR

    Power window relay motor circuit question?

    Does a power window motor circuit use SPDT or DPDT 12v relays. Also, what kind is the window switch.

    True, what Jim W said about seldom used relays. However, that's exactly what is controlling my wife's Hyundai Sun Roof. Two relays. When deactivated, both relays shunt the motor to itself.

  • How do I change the power window motor?

    one of my windows will not roll up. I think it may be the power window motor.

    take the door panel off. look and look again for hidden screws and once all of them are out it should just pop off. most times however, the switch is what goes out, not the motor. places where.

  • Al Noor

    What does a Window Motor conrol?

    I am wondering if a window motor controls just the window or the window and the lock. My driver side window is not working, when i press the botton to bring it up or down,. same with the door llock on the drivers side,. now my question is does.

    A window controls a linkage that is attatched to your window glass and moves it up or down. The lock sylinder has its own separate lock motor. Even though these are separate components, they may.

  • MG1999

    2000 Ford Windstar window motor?

    The driver's side window on my 2000 Ford Windstar no longer operates. There is only 9 volts on the motor when I press the button, and the voltage goes away in about 2 seconds. I hear a click from somewhere under the dash as the voltage goes.

    MG,,,Bad Motors are a known issue on those things. I just went thru all that with my Mom's 2001. The motor was in as bad a condition as I've ever seen. The brushes were Totally gone,,,and had.

  • Robert W

    How do I install a window motor in a 1993 GMC Jimmy? (Drivers door)?

    Window Regulator Motor - Front. Installing Bolt To Lock Sector Gear. Tool Required : J 2O922-A Rivet Installer. Remove or Disconnect. Raise the window to the closed position and secure the.


  • Mustang 5.0 Projects

    Penguin. 1997. ISBN: 1557882754,9781557882752. 185 pages.

    Includes in-depth instructions on: engine tech, exhaust, fuel systems, manual and automatic transmissions, suspension, interior, body and exterior, nitrous and supercharging, and much more.

  • Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 2008. ISBN: 1588167232,9781588167231. 346 pages.

    Vehicle maintenance.

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