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Great Dane Trailers Aluminum Welding with SuperGlaze®

Great Dane Trailers makes aluminum trailers out of their Statesboro, GA facility, and they chose Lincoln Electric power sources and consumables for their wel.

  • K

    is a great dane the right dog for me?

    So I really want a big dog but I don't really want a puppy so i need a dog that doesn't shed and is good with children so i looked at the animal shelter and i found this great dane but i need to know do they do all the things i would like.

    Great Danes Shed and there are Good Great Danes and there are Better Great Danes. I have worked with Great Dane Rescue and yes there are aggressive Danes who attack other dogs and some don't like.

  • race21

    Great Dane semi trailer.?

    I am looking for a basic wiring diagram for a 95 Great Dane semi trailer. I need to know what the black and red wires are for. I think black is for clearance lights, but not sure. What is the red wire for.

    red - stop lights. yellow - turn signal. green - turn signal. brown - running lights black and brown might be. black - clearance/marker tied together. white - ground

  • T S

    Does anyone know how to install a Haldex air release valve in a 53ft 1992 Great Dane Trailer?

    I am not sure if it is release or relay valve but it releases the trailer brakes. Any info on how to install or a website that could help would be appreciated. Due to the last post here is another detail that I am going to add.

    Do you not think that would have to be done by someone who is certified to work on brakes and trailers. After all we are talking of something going down the road where a lot of other.

  • Autumn

    Got some simple questions about Great Danes.?

    My husband and I have talked a lot over the past 2years of what kind of big dog we want to get when we move out from this apartment. We're hoping to rent a home, or a trailer park where they will allow big dogs. since we won't be able to afford.

    We have a Great Dane. She only "drools" a bit after she drinks her water. I would not even call it "drooling" so much as just. But she licks up the water she spills. She does eat A.

  • Alexis B

    I need help trickin' out a trailer for my 3 great danes...Need LUXURY ideas???

    I have decided to decorate the interior of a 5x8 enclosed trailer to haul my dogs in- similar to a horse trailer. My 3 Great Danes are spoiled rotten (thier names are: Prada, Coach and Cavalli). Here are some ideas I have had so far: I am.

    my great dane loves to sleep and thats what I would get him. Plus something that changes out his water automatically. He slobbers in it as he drinks and if it would clean itself out, my.

  • karina a

    does any one know were a good place to order air bag for Great Dane trailer 2005?

    i cant seem to find one i could order it off or i could also go to a store around California.

    Pretty much any diesel truck shop or truck/trailer repair shop will have one in stock, or know where to get them locally. Pick up a local phone book and check the yellow pages. Also, you might.


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dog statue greatdane savannahga greatdanetrailers
Big Great Dane Statue
Great Dane encourages people to take pictures with/of their mascot, but don't climb on it for obvious safety reasons. They have signs posted and you can be arrested if you do. The Dog has several hats that he wears...
Photo by Mambo'Dan on Flickr
red plaque truck great plate dane trailer
Great Dane trailer plate
Photo by Muzik Hounds on Flickr
greatdane trailer valleyexpress aeroflexsideskirts freightwingbattlelakeminnesota
Freight Wing-Lavel Larson5
Battle Lake, Minn.-based owner-operator Lavel Larson likes the look of the black Aeroflex side skirts on his 53-foot Great Dane refrigerated trailer.
Photo by TruckPR on Flickr

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