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4AC Intake/Exhaust Valve Removal

I pull all the valve springs out. Showing step by step on how to do it as if the head was still on a car. Then after that, I finish the.

  • mal75

    Cold air intake - bypass valve or not?

    I got a cold air intake installed on my vehicle and don't have any AEM bypass valve installed, for preventing hydrolock. If I drill a small hole(e. g 1cm) on the intake(short ram section) can that prevent hydrolock or do I still have to get one.

    Only version 1 of the AEM CAI's could even use the bypass valve. Version 2 will not work with this bypass. This bypass valve is pressure sensitive and set up to open if the air flow was blocked.

  • italysgurlrazr

    Does ANYONE here know how to CLEAN intake valves?

    BMWs which have the fuel injector mounted in the intake port (ahead of the intake valve) often develop carbon deposits on the back side of the intake valves due to the fuel being, in effect, sprayed onto hot valves. The buil-up can affect the flow.

    To save a few pennies per gallon and to increase the competitive and/or profit margin of gasoline, some suppliers have cut back on the amount of detergent they add to their fuel or have switched to.

  • el.swan

    why intake valve diameters bigger than exhaust valve?

    The intake of fuel/ air in a "naturally aspirated" engine must be pulled in by the downward "intake" stroke of the pistons. If there is a restriction (a small valve would be a restriction), the.

  • C0LD4SIC3

    Sticking Intake Valve?

    Model 28 B&S 12. 5 HP engine intake valve sticks. Please advise. When under a full load like tall grass, it runs great, but when the load is not as heavy, the intake valve sticks open, spewing gas back through the carb and mis-firing.

    Don't know anything about configuration of this model by number, but I can recommend you hit up your library for a copy of "How to Repair Briggs & Stratton Engines", by Paul Dempsey. I have 2nd.

  • Larry

    why do i have white intake valves?

    This is common on the intake valves. The exhaust typically get a brown or black build up from carbon and the intake get a white or grey build up from evaporated (unburnt) gas residue (water and.

  • Avonne Camille

    2001 Passat Broken Intake Valve $900?

    I am looking to buy a car and found a 2001 Passat online for $900. It has a broken intake valve and I was wondering how much it would cost to repair it.

    Don't buy it. Whoever gave the person the 900 dollar quote must not have any overhead. If it is just a broken intake valve. Which I seriously doubt. Intake valves don't just brake. The labor time.


  • Internal Combustion Engines

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  • Weber Carburetors

    Penguin. 1988. ISBN: 0895863774,9780895863775. 176 pages.

    Weber Carburetors Manual DGAV Dual-Downdraft Easy-To-Follow Instructions Explains The Basics Of Carburetion Design Explains The Theory Of Operation Includes Photographs Repair Techniques On IMPE Single Throat Replacement Applications And Troubleshooting How To Select; Install and Tune For Performance

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