How to Install 1963 - 1982 Corvette Control Arm Pivot Shafts

Watch one of our technician's walk you through step-by-step, installing the pivot shafts in your 1963 - 1982 Corvette control arms . Call us at 1-800-882-4688 and we can set up having it done for you.

Camburg/Fox F-150 - Ford F-150 Performance Kit - Off-Road Magazine

Ford’s F-150 SVT Raptor is one of the most exciting trucks to come out of Dearborn in recent times. That excitement has also propelled the Raptor into the realm of the expensive and exclusive. Adding a key combination of Fox and Camburg parts to a standard-issue ’09-and-newer F-150 turns it into a stealthy Raptor-hunter. In stock form, the Raptor gets 11. 25 inches of.


Yahoo answers97 dakota lowering kit?

  • Dodge

    you have to shorten the drive shaft about an inch to lower it that much ,my nephew had to do his to get it that low and it destroyed the ride and the handling of the truck,if it was me id just go.

Yahoo answersHard to find What is causing Vibrating problem on Ford car?

  • Ford

    The grinding sound you may be hearing could be just the rotation of your rear tires sir. Or it could be that as you drive and apply the brake, your bore in the disc brake is sticking and not.

Yahoo answersIs this a good deal for the type of truck?

  • Buying & Selling

    i would really recommend NOT getting this truck for what you are going to use it for. I'm sure its geared for crawling/off road, you might even have trouble getting it to go 75 mph, and if you do,.

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  • Camburg/Fox F-150 - Ford F-150 Performance Kit

    Camburg's Performance Series upper control arms offer several benefits. Positive caster is increased for better steering geometry in lifted applications. Strength is much, much greater than stock, as they're constructed using chromoly tubing.

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    Not only does the loader arms' TP linkage offer enhanced breakout and lifting forces, they also remain perfectly parallel throughout the lifting range — ensuring load stability. This combination of power throughout the lift cycle, parallel movement

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