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ECS Tuning: VW/Audi 2.0T Forge Diverter Valve & Blow-off Valve DIY

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  • Robert S

    I have a 98 Passat 1.8t..i put a CAI in it yesterday..what else can i do to make it go fastr?..look at details?

    If you know of parts for my car that i can buy. could you please include links to websites showing them. also i wanna put a blow off valve in the car but i was told it was bad to put a blow off valve in this car because it would cause my car to.

    I think by diverter valve they just mean a re-circulating BOV. They have advised you against getting an atmospheric BOV (vents air to atmosphere as opposed to re-circulating the air back into the.

  • phoebedapup

    Shower not working: Problem with diverter valve?

    Recently, out of the blue our shower stopped working. The water still works and comes out of the tub faucet, but when I try to pull-up the shower diverter valve (I think that's what you call it), the water won't transfer through to the shower head.

    Diverters all seem poorly made these days with a sloppy fit that wastes a lot of water. The plastic seal, such as it is, seems to breakdown after about 5 years -- and some are faulty right out of.

  • Jeff

    Diverter Valve issue on a 2000 passat

    When i disconnected my Diverter Valve and made it non-recirculating i drove down the street and my engine cut out on me. it will go a few feet and after the excess pressure is released (PSHH) the car cuts out. i reconnected the valve tubing making.

    The OEM valve has a very low spring rate against the diaphragm holding the plunger down. The very first time you released the throttle the engine vacuum easily held the valve open. When not in.

  • Nathan Santeramo

    Stock Diverter Valve Question?

    I have a 2001 GTi 1. 8t. I recently got it chipped with a Revo Stage 1 performance chip. I was told that the stock DVs almost always break when you add a chip and the guy told me that for 100 bucks he could get me a new aftermarket one.

    1) You could get away with the 710N or 710P valves that came on the 2002 and up 1. 8Ts and 2. 7TTs, but your original valve is going to have trouble dealing with elevated boost. You should really.

  • Belmin

    Whats a DV diverter valve and how will it help my 05 Vw GTI?

    whats a Dv Diverter valve and hows it help my gti and is it hard to install a blow off valve boost gauge and air intake. please help thx.

    air intake does nothing on a 1. 8t motor. just get a drop in k & n and call it a day. blow off valve work like garbage on cars with a maf sensor. you can either get a forge 007 dv or a spliter valve.

  • ed c


    I have a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta. I am going to install a GodSpeed Intercooler kit. I was wondering will I have to use a diverter valve or a blow off valve. Their supposed to use diverter valves but with this changes can I use a blow off valve.

    Diverter valve. A blow off valve releases air into the atmosphere. Which creates a false reading of air/fuel for your ecu, which causes it to run improperly. Which is why thousands and thousands.


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home bathroom shower bath hand plumbing mixer valve renovation remodel improvement combination hansgrohe
Bathroom Renovation - Shower Valve Problem
The diverter valve above the temperature mixer was also plumbed incorrectly. It should allow us to switch between the hand shower, main shower, and tub faucet, but the tub faucet is connected separately. They couldn't...
Photo by pkingDesign on Flickr
nd photo ndphotonl ndphoto andy ramdin cromvoirt vakfotograaf fotograaf raw urban strobist pocket wizard nikon d5100 nikkor 1755 1755mm original forge bov splitter splitr iron grey grijs ijzer alu aluminium hybrid atmospheric diverter valve blowoff blow off noordbrabant thenetherlands
Forge Split-R vs Forge 006 (top view)
Forge Split-R vs the Forge 006 Diverter Valve (Top View) Info Camera: Nikon D5100 / Nikkor 17-55mm Extra: Nikon SB-800 Flash
Photo by on Flickr
vw volkswagen dv gti mkv divertervalve
GTI Factory B DV
After 13,200 miles and high boost.
Photo by fictionalidentity on Flickr

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