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How a Small Engine Crankcase Breather Works and How to Quick Check the Breather Valve

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  • jharrison1986

    crankcase breather location?

    i have 1975 chevy pickup with a 350 motor in it with a 4bbl carb i need to know where is the crankcase breather location on the value cover i think the motor is 87 350 motor but it is a 2nd generation motor the value covers is different on a 75.

    The crankcase ventilation on that consist of a crankcase breather filter which is inside your air filter housing and a PCV valve on the valve cover. The PCV valve will be on the driver side valve.

  • Justin

    2008 TRX400EX minor crankcase breather problem?

    Alright well I never paid attention to it much, because I never really knew what it was, but I was in neutral revving my quad a little and I heard this loud pop, and I didn't really know then, but the crankcase breather had popped off the air.

    The breather popped off from too much engine pressure and probably being gummed up with oil. The 'blow-by' off the loose rings has to go somewhere, if the breather is gunked that blow-by has no.

  • mike_b0807

    smoke from crankcase breather?

    when i start my bike a slight white smoke pours out of my crankcase breather at high rpm (around 5-6000). ive also noticed a very small amount of liquid slight yellow in color coming from the breather as well. ive restarted the bike about 10 times.

    Nice try D. In every infernal combustion engine(that's a pun), there is a certain amount of exhaust gas that gets by the piston. That's why all cars today have a closed crankcase ventilation system.

  • Godfather's Pizza

    What's an engine crankcase breather line?

    I'm guessing that the crankcase is a case around the crankshaft. I'm guessing the breather line is some sort of tube which allows for air to enter. Am I wrong. Why would this be necessary anyway.

    Yes the crankcase is a case around the crankshaft, also known as the engine block. No you are not wrong. This is nesecary because the PCV valve is sucking air/fumes out of the crankcase.

  • Karen

    where is the crankcase breather hose on a 2000 volvo s40?

    the pcv or positive crankcase ventilation hose is usually on the valve cover somewhere near the intake for the fuel injection. It lets the gases from the crankcase vent into the intake so these.

  • add

    which one is crankcase breather tube, VT750C?

    On 1998 VT750C, where is the crankcase breather tube. I understand it connects to the air filter chamber. Where does the other end connect to. Thank you.

    Air box to breather cover - top of rear cylinder head cover.


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Audi 2.8L V6 30V (1998.5 A4 Quattro)
My 1998.5 Audi A4's 2.8 liter V-6 after I replaced its crankcase breather hose system and suction valve and check-valve with the replacement kit from The instructions were invaluable! Thanks,...
Photo by Stephen Mellentine on Flickr
Monster crankcase breather
Photo by suzy_j on Flickr
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Crankcase breather
Part of the crankcase breather system on the DAF 44 - this might be the 'Carter Valve' (or it might not).
Photo by pyoorkate on Flickr

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