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May 5, 04:36 PDT

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May 5, 09:40 PDT

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Cold Air Intakes Mythbusted

But fans wanted to know about Cold Air Intakes. So will an aftermarket Cold Air Intake give you more power.

  • Skyler

    Celica gt-s AEM cold air intake?

    does this cold air intake really work well or has anyone dyno tested it before and after.

    Cold air intakes work because cooler air is denser than warm. More air into the cylinder=more to combust. Which means more horse power. But when you're taking in more air,it has to go somewhere.

  • Danger Hot

    99 Honda Civic LX Cold Air intake?

    When I put Cold Air intake to my Civic, what else should I upgrade so that it will improve HP and MPG aside from Turbos. How can you say something like that. Of course there is a difference. Oh please give me a break. I need some true.

    A Cold air intake is not going to provide you with noticeable performance increase, but here is what you could do to make your vehicle operation better. Your motor is probably a 1. 8L engine,.

  • Mic

    What is a cold air intake?

    What is your favorite cold air intake brand.

    A cold air intake is a system used to bring down the temperature of the air going into a car for the purpose of increasing the power of the internal-combustion engine. A secondary goal is to.

  • tywarrior

    2001 Mustang V6 Cold Air Intake?

    What is the best cold air intake to put on my Ford Mustang. I accept ALL opinions. I was thinking K&N. ).

    90% of CAI(cold air intake) kits don't do anything more than a K&N high flow reusable filter for your stock air box and sometimes do worse. The reasons are simple. First, a typical CAI will take.

  • Monica

    What is a cold air intake?

    What is a cold air intake and how does it work.

    A cold air intake is a huge load of crap. every car made comes from the factory with a air intake that gets air from duct work outside of the engine compartment where it is cooler. People with to.

  • brittany_nicole_x3

    Cold air intake?

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic HYBRID and I was thinking about getting cold air intake. Since my car is a hybrid, would getting cold air intake mess anything up. Because I mean it was made to save gas and I would hate for something little like that to.

    Cold air intakes don't do much, I would not spend that much money just to boost the horsepower by at MOST 5 horsepower, in some cases cold air intakes actually take away power. But if you still.


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truck 4x4 cai dodge dakota coldairintake
More air!
new Cold Air Intake
Photo by nicodeemus1 on Flickr
truck 4x4 cai dodge dakota coldairintake
new CAI
air temp sensor
Photo by nicodeemus1 on Flickr
helix minicoopers coldairintake
Helix CAI
Installed January 18th (today).
Photo by redskunk on Flickr

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