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BMW Temperature Sensor Replacement Repair, Due To Temperature Sensor Reading -44 or 122 Degrees

Explains and demonstrates how to replace the outside temperature sensor. Repair and replacement of the temperature sensor.

  • Drew

    Location of ambient air temp sensor?

    For a 2002 Chrysler Sebring LX with a 2. 4L Gasoline engine, where is the AAT sensor located. And how do you replace it.

    The sensor should be behind the front grill attached to one of the supports. it will be a 2 wire sensor. replacing it is as simple as unplugging it and plugging in a new one

  • angelkiss20906

    Is the ambient air temp sensor and the MAT seonsor the same thing?

    I have a 92 buick park ave that gives a code 23 on my mechanics scan tool. He told me it needed a new MAT sensor (NOT MAP) It shows MAT seonsor low. I went to auto zone to get the "MAT" sensor and they said "you mean MAP. " My mechanic specifically.

    Ambient air temp would be the temp of the air coming thru the airbox and filter. The Manifold Air Temp sensor is likely installed in a manifold runner and is sensing the air temp at that point,.

  • anthony s

    Envoy Ambient Temp Sensor?

    The temperature always read 50 degrees. I bought a new ambient temperature sensor. Replaced the existing one. The good news is that it no longer reads 50. The bad news is that it now reads 109, and the temp outside is actually 75. What the.

    There are 2 things that operate the temp sensor. The sensor and the climate control head. If the sensor is working ok then the only other part is the climate control head.

  • Brandon Harris

    Location of a Ambient Air Sensor on a 2005 Dodge dakota?

    I have took in to autozone , researched it , and asked buddies with experience and i can't figure out where this little sensor goes so i figured i'd ask on here to see what i get. I have in in the front near the radiator where it seemed to fit but.

    The ambient air temp sensor will be located in front of the radiator,as you know. Any airbag related wiring will be bright yellow. It does seem as though someone has used the wrong sensor. Also,there.

  • Enrique

    06 dodge charger outside temp sensor?

    I own a 2006 dodge charger and my outside temp sensor its not connected so does anyone could tell me where to hook it up. Cause mine looks like it was just rip off from wiring. So how do i conect it again. Need help asap.

    Ambient Temperature Sensor. Position the ambient temperature sensor in the vehicle. Install the fastener that secures the ambient temperature sensor to the front fascia. Connect the wire.


    where is the outside temp sensor on a 2001 GMC Jimmy located?

    where is the temp sensor on gmc jimmy suv pickup located under the hood.

    The outside temp. sensor (ambient air temp. sensor) is located behind the front grille, right side of radiator support baffle.


  • Quality assurance guidance document model quality assurance project plan for the PM25̣ ambient air monitoring program at state and local air monitoring stations (SLAMS).

    DIANE Publishing. ISBN: 1428965769,9781428965768.
  • Quality assurance guidance document model quality assurance project plan for the PM25̣ ambient air monitoring program at state and local air monitoring stations (SLAMS).

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Ambient Temp Sensor
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