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This is how to clean a mass airflow sensor , this car is a 2003 ford crow vic police interceptor , but any car or truck with a mass air flow sensor will be c.

  • bigdog

    mass air flow meter?

    were is the mass air flow meter located at on the 2005 cobalt ss supercharged.

    Mass air flow meter is located between in-take manifold and air breather box where your air filter goes. Usally in between air inlet duct there is connector 4 pin on the meter.

  • Munesh

    how does a air mass meter function in a car engine {Toyota Vitz 1999 model?

    A mass air flow sensor or (MAF) sensor functions by calculating the amount of air flowing through the induction to the engine. the pcm takes this information and the information that it recieves.

  • nideycide

    Fiesta mass air-flow meter?

    Hi there, I have a 1998 1. 4 Ford Fiesta and am wondering how I would go about removing and cleaning the mass air-flow meter. Thanks for any help.

    I would not recommend cleaning any type of mass air flow sensor. "Also recheck your year and engine size"

  • gogsyc

    landrover freelander air flow meter?

    Is there an air flow meter sensor in a 2001 freelander 1. 8 petrol K series. my mechanical says need throttle body and air flow meter. spares guy says no such thing in air flow meter in petrol model. any idea's.

    theres no mass air flow meter or sensor in the freelander petrol. you do have a m. a. p. sensor, its located on the driver side of the injector rail, it has a part number printed on it for ease of.

  • doubletoehold

    Nissan Maxima- where is the Mass Flo Meter found on the engine block?

    I have to replace it soon. because the dealer just charged me 900 bucks. to replace 1 ( one ) pair brake pads. for the rear wheels.

    do you mean mass air flow meter. if you do it is located in the air duct from the air cleaner to intake manifold.

  • Rich V

    Would the throttle position sensor send bad signals the air mass meter on a 1998 subaru forester?

    When I had the codes read, the code reading low voltage to the air mass meter was on there. Upon talking to a friend, he said that the same thing happened on his car and it turned out to be the throttle position sensor. Really don't want to.

    Your friend probably has a GM car. Very common problem on those. I have never changed a TPS or air meter on a 98 Forester. Check all the large vacuum lines off of your intake bellow. Check for a.


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