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that was amazing the difference it made just changing the engine air filter.

  • Will

    Screamin' Eagle Air Filter?

    Does the air filter that comes with Harley-Davidson's Scremin' Eagle Stage 1 Air Cleaner upgrade include a washable air filter. And how do you tell the difference between a paper filter and a membrane filter.

    The SE air Filter IS washable. Use a cleaner like K&N cleaner or Simple Green, let soak for about 15 minutes, rinse from inside out, then let air dry over night. DO NOT oil SE filters like you.


    Re-oiling my air filter?

    I have a Gilera Runner SP 50 (2 stroke). I cleaned the air filter yesterday but now it needs re-oiling. So what oil should I use. Would 2 stroke oil be okay. Please try to be as specific as you can.

    Air filter oil is preferable. That kind of oil is very sticky and catches dirt better then conventional oils. Conventional oils are slippery and will eventually drip off the air cleaner -. Making.

  • jim123

    Question About Air Filter. Does a dirty air filter lower gas mileage?

    A mechanic told me that a dirty air filter will not lower mileage. He said an MAF sensor will prevent lower fuel mileage. What is an MAF and what does it do. He said it will lower engine power. Is he wrong or correct. He said MANY DEFECTIVE.

    A dirty air filter, not so much. A clogged air filter will lower mileage, when an engine doesn't get enough air, it doesn't burn fuel efficiently. A bad or dirty MAF can also cause bad gas mileage,.

  • Sugar Pie

    question about an air filter?

    its one of them really thick air filters,,, that stay exposed when the cover is screwed on. (4barrel carburator). do i have to clean it with the expensive K and N cleaner or can i use something else like dawn dish soap. ty all in advance.

    Air filter to the car is like your nostrils to you. Don't ever try it. dawn dish soap etc. yes you have to keep it clean periodically to enjoy the pleasure of driving. yes as already recommended use.

  • novatrek

    New Air Filter for car?

    My neighbor just gave me a new air filter (ABSOLUTELY FREE). Im kind of confused about what an air filter does and what would the impact be if changing my "old air filter" for the new one I just got. I'm driving an o3 Hyundai Tiburon.

    An air filter. filters the air going into your cars engine. Without the filter, as you drive along you can suck dust, dirt, sand, etc into the intake on your car's engine. This will cause.

  • Ronald

    Suzuki Gt550 air filter?

    I just recently checked my air filters and they are filthy. I'm on a budget because I'm a broke stingy college student. So, I went on the interwebs and read that engine oil works well as an alternative for air filter oil. I have some crank.

    Use any foam air filter - cut/sew/glue to shape. All of these foam filters are just stretched over a metal screen. Easy to remove. https://www. com/search/uni+air+filter. You can use.


  • Air filtration

    Pergamon. 1993. ISBN: 0080412742,9780080412740. 272 pages.

    The need for clean air has probably never been greater. Many industrial employees need to avoid exposure to airborne particulates, while certain industrial processes demand clean air of exceptional quality. Medical and biological fields rely on sterile air, while filtration can improve air quality in offices, homes and all types of transport. Filters act in a variety of complex and subtle ways. Each chapter introduces its subject matter simply, before tackling the problem in greater depth. The book therefore provides an excellent basis for detailed study, but is also invaluable to anyone needing an overview of the subject.

  • Air filtration

    1973. ISBN: 0122056604,9780122056604. 171 pages.
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