Remove/replace PS pump belt, 4th gen Maxima

Removing/replacing the PS pump belt.

With Consumer Confidence Likely To Fall, So Too May Consumer Discretionary Stocks - Seeking Alpha

Due to the encouraging "reported" unemployment rate, consumer confidence levels have risen sharply over the past two months. Specifically, in February it jumped to 70. 8 from 61. 5 the month before, illustrating how quickly moods have changed on both Main street and Wall Street. This surge in confidence has been a catalyst for consumer discretionary stocks in particular.


Yahoo answersA new P/S pump on a ford vehicle will usually have a little bit of whining noise right?

  • Ford

    I'm a ford guy and it always does seem like the ford power steering is louder than other makes. Also, if you just replaced the pump there is probably a little bit of air still bleeding out of the.

Yahoo answersHow to replace a serpentine belt on a 1999 Chrysler sebring without removing the belt for the P/S pump ?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    it looks like it cant be done. because it cant be done.

Yahoo answersi have a 2002 f250 super duty i have replaced the p/s pump and gear box when i hit the brakes i loose steering

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Power steering pump belt slipping. Change the belt tensioner and get a good year gatorback belt. You can change the pulley to a smaller one (in size) and change the belt to a smaller size as.

Yahoo answerscan a bad whining power steering pump (that needs 2 be replaced) actually burn the P/S fluid itself?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    yes you can burn your p/s fluid replace your pump before it is to late

Yahoo answersAfter getting a new P/S pump installed and bleeding all the air out, a few days later the air returns?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Sounds like one of the hoses may have a leak. Replace the return hose first. It's cheaper and easier. If that doesn't do it, then replace the pressure hose (the one with the metal fittings).

Yahoo answerscanany one explain how and were to locate the screen in the P/S pump of LS 400 Lexus,a picture will help a lot

  • Lexus

    the screen is in the bottom of the resevior you would have to remve it from the pump . a fluid vaccume pump may help suck the fluid low enough to see the screen but you problable have other issues.

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  • With Consumer Confidence Likely To Fall, So Too May Consumer Discretionary Stocks

    The logic, it goes, is that the improving job market will trump higher prices at the pump. I would argue, however, that this will not be the case. While the headline unemployment numbers that are reported have looked encouraging, moving down to 8.3%,

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    But the machine is a few years old(almost 10), with pump, pressure gauge, and pressurestat replaced. Maybe that's the reason for the price. But nothing major overall and only with very slight cosmetic flaw. I understand those parts mentioned are the

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