Power Steering Pressure Hose Removal 95' Lexus ES300 Pt 1

Sorry I live next to the Beach so it gets Crazy Windy. My first time removing a pressure line for Power Steering On a 95' Lexus ES300. Wish Me Luck.

Yahoo answersWhich direction do you turn retainer nut on fitting valve to get the p/s pressure hose off 93 ford areostar?

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    The threads are regular. Try using a snap on flank drive or a line wrench, also wear gloves.

Yahoo answersReplaced P.S.pump & High Pressure P.S.hose, why is car leaking same fluid?

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    first off, you need to get the car to a car wash and hose off the engine compartment the best you can. top side sides and the bottom. then drive it to a place that you can let it sit for an hour.

Yahoo answersreplacing a high pressure p/s hose on a volvo 740 need help.?

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    well it has two bolts and take out the old one and put in the new one it is tricky man. i took four hours it looks easy but man are they a hassle to put on i took 1 hour trying to put the top one.

Yahoo answershow do i install the pressure hose on a 2002 kia optima?

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    Are you mechanically inclined. Just make sure you use a "Line Wrench" as those lines strip very easily. and make sure you keep an eye on the O-Rings in the ends.

Yahoo answersMost full scuba tanks have a pressure of between 1,800 p.s.i. and 3,000 p.s.i. (pounds per square inch).?

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    as the tank fills, it's density increases and it begins to sink in the water.

Yahoo answersHelp with a 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera PLEASE?

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    Take the VIN(serial number )to any GM dealer's parts dept. have them check which ECM that they list for it,and which "broadcast code"they show for the prom or (calibrator). Keep in mind that the part.

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