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Debate: Gas Cars Vs Electric and Hybrid Cars


  • chris Q

    Gas company vs Electric cars?

    i just say who killed the electric car and now you got the volt, nissan leaf and the ford focus is going all eletric. i hope the gas company don't fight "the revenge of the electric car". what you thing.

    Many people say that electric cars aren't economically viable. This is not true. In order to get the big picture, you have to look at ALL the expenses of owning a car, not just the purchase.

  • betotron

    gas vs electric car in speed/mpg/oil use?

    your preference.

    I'll take a good old fashioned gas car. Any money you save in gas in an hybrid is going to be negated by the cost of the 8000 dollar battery when you have to replace it. Plus they accelerate so.

  • Trav9536

    Cost per mile: Gas vs Electric cars?

    First, I do NOT want a "here's the cost of the electricity used and here's the cost of gasoline used". I can find that on Google. What I want to know the ACTUAL overall cost per mile for the consumer over the expected life of the vehicle.

    It may be more useful to work backwards to determine what the break even price for an electric would be. $. 17 per mile difference over 100,000 miles for fuel plus another $. 07 per mile for.

  • Irevilo

    Electric cars vs Gas cars, pollution?

    My father and I were talking about the pros and cons of electric cars. I brought up pollution not being as bad with electric cars when he said there were no benefits. He said coal is used to generate the electricity in the first place. I'd like to.

    The idea behind electric vehicles is that the energy can come from a number of sources without having to modify the vehicles. It is mostly from coal now but could as easily be from wind, solar,.

  • Destiny


    what are the differences. similarities.

    similarities:. - basically the same laws apply to them. - they _can_, from the outside, look identical though some early, lightweight electrics looked pretty ugly. - maintenance on tires, brakes.

  • SekndAmendment

    Hybrid and electric cars vs. gas and diesel?

    To preface this, I'm a mechanical engineer. Don't try and bullshit me with fake science because I can see right through it. I'm asking this question to find what emotional factors play into this. What makes you like one or the other. What things.

    Proofs have been offered and rejected and counter suggestions offered. In the hundreds of answers I have offered here I have crunched numbers and written of assumptions based upon the "average".


  • Electric and Hybrid Cars

    McFarland. 2014. ISBN: 0786418729,9780786418725. 189 pages.

    Presents an illustrated history of electric and hybrid cars produced during the early twentieth century, the companies that built them, political and environmental aspects, marketing strategies, and general attitude by consumers.

  • Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen's Magazine

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Hybrid Chevy Tahoe SUV: Friend or foe?
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Hype Machine
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