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Electric Car For Sale - Karmann Ghia - 1968 by Volkswagen

1968 Karmann Ghia Electric Vehicle - Fully restored. -50 mile r.

  • Dr

    What did kill the electric car?

    I heard there was one working in the 70s.

    The electric car concept has never been “killed. ” It has only been knocked back. 100 years ago there were more electric cars on the road than any other. They were popular for their ease of use,.

  • dave091125

    Where are the electric cars?

    Why is there not more electric cars available.

    Electric cars are indeed here. Here is the newest electric vehicle for sale:. http://phoenixmotorcars. com/models/fleet. The Phoenix electric pickup.

  • Ido

    Why you all talking about feature? electric cars all ready sale...?

    see it here:. They have more electric vehicles. http://www. com/Products/123-electric-car-ts100000.

    Do you mean, "Why are we all talking about the future. Electric cars are already available. If so then yes you're correct. There are some all-electric cars available to buy right now, but.

  • betotron

    will 4.00 per gallon gas bring the electric car into compete with total gas car sales?

    this year or next.

    Yes, because this is already the case. The average car in the US gets approximately 22. 5 miles to the gallon in fuel mileage. Let's assume 30 mpg. The Nissan leaf is costing California drivers.

  • Wooo hooo!

    electric car??

    I'm in Arizona and I want buy an electric car . where I should look.

    3D Auto Wholesalers, Inc. Contact Jim. (ZENN, others). 3010 East Main St. Mesa, AZ 85213. 602-318-4211. http://www. smartcarauto-az. Suzuki of Tempe Contact Mike Perri.

  • .........Electric car....?

    There is an all electric car that is being offered for sale to consumers in the US that is smaller than a Mini, what is the name of the car. How much does it cost. How fast does it go. What company makes it.

    At this time, none of the major auto manufacturers are selling full electric highway-capable cars to the public. There there is a company called ZAP (Zero Air Pollution) who sells a three-wheeled.

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