Tie Rod and Idler Arm Replacement on 1997 Chevy CrewCab 4x4.

archers-friend. com In this video, the Archers-Friend. com team replaces a tie rod end and idler arm on our 1997 Chevy 1 ton CrewCab 4x4 vehicle that we pull our bow hunting toys with. Tips and tools are also shown.

Making sure your car sings the right tune for spring - Montreal Gazette

The roads in and around Montreal look like a war zone with frost heaves, cracked asphalt and world-class potholes. Your vehicle has been battling these evil forces bent on destroying vital suspension parts. There's no mercy on these streets and there will be damage done.

Source: www.montrealgazette.com

Yahoo answersRepair a Crown Victoria Idler Arm replacement Bushing?

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    Money wise, the bushing is a better deal, BUT do you have access to a press, or do you have the ability to improvise. That bushing is in very tight, and getting the old one out can be a trick if.

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  • Making sure your car sings the right tune for spring

    The suspension of a vehicle includes the tires, tie rods, ball joints, idler arm, Pitman arm, sway bars , shock absorbers, springs and brakes. They all work in conjunction with each other and require proper alignment to be safe and reduce wear.

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