Idler Arm Play

Vertical play in idler arm of 1968 Volvo 145, after replacing the idler arm bushing.

Yahoo answersHow do I replace the idler arm bushing on an '82 Mercedes Benz 300SD?

  • Mercedes-Benz

    I have had problems with the outside edge of my tires feathering, and shaking on the freeway despite being in alignment. I am replacing the stock Idler arm with Moog K6187T $37. 05 at O’Reillys.

Yahoo answers'85 RX-7 Idler Arm Bushing install?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Can it be done, yes. Some auto parts stores will press the bushings in and out for a small fee. Most chains like auto-zone will not. Advanced auto parts will rent tools out to do the job.

Yahoo answersRepair a Crown Victoria Idler Arm replacement Bushing?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Money wise, the bushing is a better deal, BUT do you have access to a press, or do you have the ability to improvise. That bushing is in very tight, and getting the old one out can be a trick if.

Yahoo answersControl arm bushing replacement in a 62 Impala?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Yes, they have to be removed so the new parts can be pressed in.

Yahoo answersWhat tools do i need to remove this idler arm?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    You definately need some"big horse" tools when trying to remove the through bolts that hold the idler arm to the frame. A 16" 1/2 drive ratchet or a 16" 1/2 drive braker bar to remove the castle.

Yahoo answersIdler arm question on a 1992 dodge dakota?

  • Dodge

    you usually get the dust boot with most of those depending on the brand name you buy ,but you should be able to get one for it,i deal im moog parts and most of there's come with it,id call the.

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