- Replacing an Idler Arm

Roadfly TV shows you a tutorial on how to replace an idler arm on an ("X" body style) 1973 Chevy Nova. For car reviews, videos, and one of the oldest and largest car communities on the Internet visit Roadfly.

Making sure your car sings the right tune for spring - Montreal Gazette

The roads in and around Montreal look like a war zone with frost heaves, cracked asphalt and world-class potholes. Your vehicle has been battling these evil forces bent on destroying vital suspension parts. There's no mercy on these streets and there will be damage done.


Yahoo answersWhat are the symptoms of a bad idler arm or/and pittman arm?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    You will have a hard time trying to keep the car going straight, it will wander all over the road.

Yahoo answersWhat is the torque spec for idler arm on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

  • Chevrolet

    Don't need to be bribed with 10 points. (it's not a game, most people answer these questions because they want to help). If you have to know its 60 lb ft. I've been in the business a long time and.

Yahoo answersIs it expensive to replace a front idler arm?

Yahoo answersHow long does it take to change an idler arm on a 99 GMC Jimmy?

  • GMC

    ive been puting them on for years and they are not adjustable. 4 tenths of hour al this does is knock steering wheel off center.

Yahoo answersWhat special tools do I need to replace a pitman arm and an idler arm on my 97 model F250?

  • Ford

    The pitman arm puller usually doesn't work for the idler arm . Use a pickle fork/ball joint separator. You wedge it into the joint then hit it with a hammer to separate the joint.

Yahoo answersIs there a trick to getting the grease fitting back in to the idler arm?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    is there a hole for the fitting. if there is then the hole might be smashed closed some. try to ream the hole out some to get the fitting to start.

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  • Making sure your car sings the right tune for spring

    The suspension of a vehicle includes the tires, tie rods, ball joints, idler arm, Pitman arm, sway bars , shock absorbers, springs and brakes. They all work in conjunction with each other and require proper alignment to be safe and reduce wear.

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