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  • Panzy killer

    Flying car?

    What are the advances on a flying car. Will there be like "airway highways". what companies are making them. How much do they cost. When will the be able to affordable.

    Flying Cars Ready To Take Off, Bob Simon Talks To Inventors. NASA has developed a computerized air traffic control system designed to let millions of people fly whenever they please.

  • will there ever be flying cars ?

    Flying cars are not a new idea. Here's one from 1948. http://theretroblog. com/2009/05/28/the-flying-car-of-1948/. Besides isses with cost and techical problems like VTOL.

  • Josh

    What's the difference between airplanes and flying cars?

    People say things about flying cars 'in the future', but don't we already have "flying cars" as planes. What would be the difference. And how would traffic work. Fly up, turn North, try not to hit anybody, arrive at destination(or crash).

    airplanes exist. flying cars, dont. yeah there are indeed SOME "flying cars". well, they are definitely doing longer hops than wright brothers, but seriously. the flying car concept does not.

  • super g

    When will we have a flying car?

    A *practical* flying car would require full automatic flight systems, and vertical takeoff capability. For safety sake, the engines would require redundancy so that if one engine fails, the.

  • <3

    Flying cars -- DUMBEST IDEA ever! Don't you think?

    I just recently saw a clip on foxnews. com titled Flying Cars a Reality. And I thought that flying cars is the dumbest idea I've EVER heard. If you ask me, I don't want to make lanes and freeways in the sky and I don't want cars crashing down on.

    they were talking about flying cars 10 years ago and 20 years ago and 30 and 40 and 50 and 60 and 70 and 80 and 90 years ago right after the invention of the car and plane but we have yet to see.

  • david kool14

    do flying cars hlep the enverment?

    Sorry, David, flying cars do NOT hlep the enverment. Nor do they help the environment either. Flying cars (many have been designed, some built, none successful) use more resources to manufacture.


  • Your Flying Car Awaits

    HarperCollins. 2009. ISBN: 9780061960109,0061960101. 304 pages.

    Talking dolphins . . . Underwater cities . . . Two-hundred-year life spans . . . Welcome to the present! People have always imagined what life would be like in the future. Most of the time they've been wrong. Often they were really, really wrong. Your Flying Car Awaits looks at the most outrageous predictions from twentieth-century scientists, novelists, and social commentators, detailing the technologies and philosophies that led some great (and not so great)minds to think the ridiculous was achievable. Includes phenomenally inaccurate predictions such as: Space tourism will be ubiquitous by the year 2000 Nuclear explosives will be used for commercial demolition Engineered and man-made oceans will cover the planet Weather will be as predictable and controllable as a train schedule An eye-opening, fascinating, and endlessly entertaining collection of truly boneheaded scientific predictions from the past hundred years, Your Flying Car Awaits shines an illuminating light on the people of the previous century by examining the ridiculous theories they envisioned about this one.

  • Flying Car

    Aleksandr Anufriyev. 2010. 24 pages.

    "Hey Buddy! Where are you heading?"TheFlying Car Saga Why do people dream of a flying car?

car automobile aviation vehicle relics flyingcar wrecks oshkosh aerocar experimentalaircraftassociation aviationwrecksrelics
Flying car... this one is more plane than car
AI_2005_Oshkosh_Otter 236
Photo by wbaiv on Flickr
ford harrypotter ron flyingcar anglia chamberofsecrets
Flying Car!
This is the actual Ford Anglia used in the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" by Harry and Ron! I was so excited to see it as I am a big fan of the HP series. I saw this on the Warner Brothers...
Photo by blue_stopsign on Flickr
ferrari 365 slotcar flycar
Ferrari 365 GTB4 Competizione fly E653
Slot car 1/32
Photo by rossoslot on Flickr

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