Hyundai Curb crossover targets young party people

City driving is going to be its forte, not the Rubicon Trail," Hyundai designer Jason Brown said. "But we wanted it to have urban armor for daily driving on city streets. It needed to empower its passengers in this setting

City dwellers with an active nightlife are the target audience for the Hyundai Curb concept, which was revealed at the Detroit auto show on Monday.

Hyundai said that the Curb's styling evolved in part from the new Sonata and Elantra sedans.

The Curb has a high-tech interior with neon accents, contrasted with a rugged exterior.

Connectivity is the aim of the high-tech interior, which includes a 12-inch display screen and a reflective head-up display.

The Curb comes with Hyundai's Blue Link technology, a telematics system embedded in the car.

It offers safety services such as automatic crash notification, as well as navigation, remote unlocking and concierge services.

Hyundai has not released pricing for the Blue Link service.

The Curb's LEDs illuminate sequentially at startup, starting with the outside rows.

The car can haul extra cargo with a pop-up roof rack and a pull-out bike rack.

Adding stop/start technology would enable the Curb to deliver more than 30 mpg in the city.