Bobber Chopper Ratbike - 1978 Kawasaki Motorcycle Kickstart

What can I say. Front brake only. Kickstart only. And for those of you who are gonna tell me to get a real bike or a Harley or a Triumph bobber. I couldnt afford one.

Yahoo answerskawasaki motorcycles?

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    If you have to ask, then a 250R or 500R would probably be as big as you'd go. So $1500 - $3000 used and in good condition, with another $500 - $1000 for decent armor. Then there's the insurance on.

Yahoo answersAre Kawasaki motorcycles more expensive as far as maintenance when compared to Suzuki?

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    the person that told you that was just a Suzuki fanatic. No one brand is worse than others, other than if you are in the US and want a Euro bike like BMW or Guzzi. they cost more and.

Yahoo answersWhere can I find the Japanese site for Kawasaki motorcycles?

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    Set your browser for Japanese fonts and then click. http://www. kawasaki-motors.

Yahoo answersWhat is the horsepower of each of these Kawasaki Motorcycles?

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    The 2009 kx250f has 36. 38 HP. I have one. idk about the others.

Yahoo answersKawasaki motorcycles, which is best for me?

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    Who cares what they think go for what you want unless you thinking about have it stolen then go for a older bike

Yahoo answersWhat are some similar looking motorcycles for Kawasaki Ninja?

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    yamaha R6/R1 , suzuki GSX and hyabusa

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