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BMW Motorcycle Assembly 2014 Berlin Plant

BMW Motorcycle Assembly 2014 Berlin Plant.

  • EastBay925

    How reliable are BMW motorcycles? Particularly the f800r?

    I only ride about 10k a year on average. Ive read mixed opinions about bmw's reliability. Id appreciate input from people who've put some decent miles on them. Thanks for all the good answers. I had pretty good faith in BMW and you've reinforced.

    BMW's have the highest reliability of any motorcycle manufacturer. They don't make all the parts themselves but they do test the quality of components that go on their bikes. The Engine in the.

  • CommanderCrusty

    BMW motorcycles: What's the "best" BMW touring bike for me?

    I'm looking for a new, full sized touring bike for me and the misses and need help sorting out my options. BMW motorcycles makes three full size touring bikes: the R1200RT, the R1200LT and the K1300GT. Not having ridden any of them, I have no.

    I have owned and have experience with two of the bikes you mentioned--The Goldwing and the BMW R1200RT. I had two Wings, an '84 and a '08. I quit riding them because they just got too heavy for.

  • Navigate Liƒe™

    Do you think those BMW motorcycles are any good?

    I want one when I'm older lol.

    BMW's are very good touring/sport touring bikes and they are making a lot of noise in the racing circuit with the S1000RR which was named sport bike of the year for 2010. Yes, they can be costly.

  • The Only Quest

    Does anyone own or have owned a BMW motorcycle?

    Thinkin about the sporty K1200S, its beautiful and fast. How are BMW motorcycles in general.

    BMW's have a cult following and seem to be supported very well by the aftermarket parts companies. They're like the metric equivalent for Harleys, you can get parts for bikes going back 30 to 40.

  • Eric K

    Are BMW motorcycles good for big guys?

    i wanted to get a motorcycle that sits upright and will be comfortable for taller people about 6'3'' and are around 270 pounds, I heard BMWs were good for bigger people because i wanted to get one for my brother.

    A BMW motorcycle is great, if you have a dealership near by (just in case). The are great rides in my opinion. Very smooth and comfortable. My personal favorite is the R1200RT (I would get the.

  • carnaby_fudge

    does any one know about bmw motorcycles?

    i want to buy a bmw 650 and i'm wondering about reliability and performance of that model and bmw motorcycles in general. any help would be appreciated. thanks, cb.

    The single cylinder model is designed for fun but is capable of long distance, you just go slower, 60~75mph. The older twins are designed for long distance at slower speed than the bigger engines.


  • BMW Motorcycles

    MotorBooks International. ISBN: 9781616731021,1616731028.
  • BMW Custom Motorcycles

    Veloce Publishing Ltd. 2011. ISBN: 9781845843250,1845843258. 128 pages.

    BMWs in custom guise – does it work? This book, the first of its kind solely devoted to the BMW custom bike scene, proves it does! Features stunning images of customized BMW singles, twins and fours from contributors around the globe, many complemented by owner’s stories and technical descriptions.

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Tayside Police - BMW motorcycle at Pitlochry Scotland
1,000 views on 27th November 2011 BMW motorcycle at Pitlochry Highland Games
Photo by conner395 on Flickr
bmw motorcycle losaltos
Classic BMW motorcycle
Spotted in Los Altos
Photo by inky on Flickr
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BMW SLCPD Motorcycle
One of the new BMW motorcycles that the Salt Lake City Police Department is using.
Photo by deltaMike on Flickr

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