2009 Chief, Indian Motorcycle

FOR COMPLETE REVIEW GOTO: tinyurl. com The 2009 Chief from the latest incarnation of Indian Motorcycle, in Kings Mountain, NC, simultaneously pays tribute to the brands 108-year legacy while addressing modern riders demands for power and performance.


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    Any orig Indian Promo Items are valuable But a money clip from that era would be kinda out of place Are you sure its not a watch fob. Im not saying they didnt make money clips. Your a little off.

Yahoo answersIndian Motorcycles?

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    MY dream bike is a 1938 Indian four. However to answer your question my brother has a 1999 Indian, he has had no trouble with it at all, It rides like a dream and is very nice looking. I bought my.

Yahoo answerswhere can i find serial numbers for indian motorcycles?

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    Where can i find serial numbers for indian motorcycles. Carved into Totem Poles.

Yahoo answersWho owns the rights to the name Indian Motorcycles?

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    The Indian Motorcycle Company based in King's Mountain, North Carolina owns the name. The company chairman, Stephen Julius, has a history of "rescuing" iconic names. He bought the Chris Craft.

Yahoo answersDoes anyone know where to buy Indian motorcycles in the UK?

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    I looked at Indian's website, and they don't have a "locations" finder on it, which kind of surprised me. So it will be hard to figure out if there are any dealerships anywhere. My husband got his.

Yahoo answersWhat year did they quit making Indian Motorcycles?

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    First motorcycle I ever rode was a 1932 Indian Scout and I was a solid fan ever since. What a bike, but I digress. About 50 years ago Indian filed for bankruptcy and although taken over, a.

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