The Matrix Reloaded: Trinity on her Ducati motorcycle (HD)

Trinity on her Ducati motorcycle. Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity.

Yahoo answersAre Ducati Motorcycles as reliable as Japanese models?

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    I've had 2 Ducatis and they were 100% perfect. They were very well serviced and very well looked after. I have heard some people say they dont last, and in the late 80's this was kind of true,.

Yahoo answersDoes anyone know where to find Ducati motorcycles for sale?

Yahoo answersAre there any Ducati motorcycles suitable for taller drivers?

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    That an easy answer, it's the Multistrada. Though billed as an Adventure Tourer it's in reality more of a sit up street bike with loads of suspension travel and a seat height of 33. 5". Largely.

Yahoo answersWhy are Ducati Motorcycles so expensive?

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    The Ducati's are relativly low volume production and are pretty much hand built. They have what could be considered a lot of custom made parts. The Buell handles real well but still has 50yr old.

Yahoo answersHow reliable are Ducati motorcycles? Do they cost more to fix than most other bikes? What about Aprilia?

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    I've owned a 1978 Ducati for 20 years, it was my only transport for about 5 of those years. I took it to N Ireland, France & Germany and the only problem I've ever had was failed coils - not even.

Yahoo answersAre there any newer Ducati Diana MarkIII style motorcycles?

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    The latest is Ducati Diavel. Watch video -> http://www. v=zygs_gUmld0 (updated video). Or the 2011 American speedmaster. Watch video ->.

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