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Kymco Venox 250 - The best 250cc motorcycle cruiser

I've ridden Honda Nighthawk, Rebel and Suzuki's TU250. Venox style and performance best most 250cc cru.

  • dock_kim

    beginner standard naked motorcycle?

    I've been riding a honda shadow spirit for couple months and feel it's too heavy for the type of riding I am doing. I commute to work and it's all street and no freeway riding. A lot of stop and go traffic. I live in Los Angeles. Would like to.

    Look at Kymco Venox or Hyosung GV250 both are very good motorcycles. Reliable and priced right. These people are the ones that use to build honda motors for them.

  • K D

    Cheapest operating cost for motorcycle/moped/scooter?

    What make and model will get you down the road the cheapest, but not necessarily the quickest. I am also asking that you factor in basic maintenance like oil changes, tires, etc along with insurance. Explain what you know.

    A brand new Kymco 49cc scooter. Kymco is a reliable brand made in Taiwan. It is on par to Honda a Yamaha with quality. But, only cost $1200 brand new. It will take the same maintenance as a.

  • thrawns11

    What is inexpensive motorcycle for transportation?

    I am looking at purchasing a lower cc motorcycle for transportation to/from work. I live 15 miles out of town in a rural area. But I dont need a Harley or something larger. I was looking at the lower 300-500cc bikes any ideas what is a reliable.

    To start with Chinese and Korean motorcycles are not the same thing. THe ones from Korea are very good transportation, Kymco makes both motorcycles and scooters and are the highest rated scooters.

  • Henry D

    Kymco Venox 250 Motorcycle? Good or bad?

    I just spotted that motorcycle on a dealers website. It looks awesome, but I've never heard of them. are they any good. What about performance and reliability.

    having an unknown brand is very very hard to get insurance not your question but i thought you might like to know

  • dennismetal89

    scooter kymco question?

    hello, my friend has a 2009 kymco people 2t scooter/moped. it has a 50cc engine , he is selling it for 400 and im interested, only i dont know much about brands other than honda or yamaha, bigger names, is kymco a good brand. easy to get parts and.

    Kymco appears to be a pretty good second tier manufacturer who sells in the USA. They are of Korean or Chinese manufacture, not sure which. They actually have a pretty healthy US advertising.

  • Jim B

    What is the best 250cc motorcycle that is capable of driving down the interstate?

    I have a Kymco Venox and use it on the interstate all the time and ride two up a lot. Never have a problem runs fine at 75 and gets 60+ miles per gallon, And it is comfortable unlike a play race.



    Causey Enterprises, LLC.
  • Kymco Venox 250

    2011. ISBN: 613664682X,9786136646824. 64 pages.

    Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The Kymco Venox is a cruiser style motorcycle produced by Tawainese Kwang Yang Motor Company under the Kymco brand. While it is the largest motorcycle made by Kymco (though they offer larger scooters and ATVs), at 249 cc the Venox is considered a light cruiser. The Venox's 250 cc engine was designed to create more power than other 250's. While most motorcycles in this class offer either a large single cylinder or in-line two cylinder engine, the Venox's engine cylinders are set in a 90 degree V-twin configuration. Also unlike other motorcycles in its class, the Venox has dual rather than single overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, and is liquid cooled rather than air cooled. All of this allows the Venox to offer 28 horsepower (21 kW), an improvement of 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) over 250 cruisers like the Honda Rebel.

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Kymco Motorcycle
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Kymco 150cc
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