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Husqvarna vs KTM / Supermoto Duell / Motorcycle

Ein kurzer Testfilm alter Mopedkumpel.

  • Cameron N

    who makes KTM?

    because i want to look at buying their supermotard style bike but want to look at the specs. on it first wo makes them.

    KTM motorcycles are made by KTM. Stands for Kronrief, Trunkenpolz in Matighoven. Two guys Mr. Kronrief and Mr. Trunkenpolz started a motorcycle company in 1953 in the city of Matighoven,.

  • Terrell A

    KTM Motorcycles question?

    Would a KTM 1190 RC8 R be a bad bike to ride on the streets or was the bike for the sole purpose of racing. I will not be getting one anytime soon but the bike looks amazing. Also, would this be an easy bike to get ( as in i can go to a dealer and.

    I have seen the bike, and I agree it looks awesome. If a gsxr does good on the street I don't see why this wouldn't. The quality is way up there with all the other KTM's thats for sure. :) If your.

  • ♥aly♥

    Motorcycle questions *REPOST*?

    *What kind of motorcycle do you own or want to own. *During what time of the year do you generally buy accesories/parts for your ride. *Where do you generally buy your parts/accessories. Ebay, online suppliers, local store, etc. Thank you for.

    KTM 530EXC, KTM 525EXC, KTM540MXC (with thumperracing kit), CRF450, KDX220, KDX200, CRF230 (herding cattle & daughter's bike), XR650R, mule trans4x4, KTM Adventure950 . I buy my parts whenever.

  • adrenalineguy87

    What is the yamaha and ktm motorcycle used in the dakar rally??

    I know bmw uses the 650 gs.

    KTM's motorcycle is also a 650 class bike. There's several teams. A while ago, the dakar planners restricted engine size on motorcycles.

  • heycinn

    ktm motorcycles?

    I have a 1990 kmt 250 ex and was wondering what year they changed the body I was needing to find parts and it is so old that I am having problems finding the parts for it Could any one tell me what other year models would have parts and plastic to.

    I'm not sure, but I'll sell you some periods and commas.

  • Alan

    who makes ktm birtbikes?

    who is the manufacturer example honda yamaha sazuki.

    KTM makes KTM. The company was started by Hans Trunkenpolz. The company was founded in 1934. It started out as a metalworking shop. In 1937 it started repairing and selling DKW motorcycles.


  • American Motorcyclist

    2006. 84 pages.

    American Motorcyclist magazine, the official journal of the American Motorcyclist Associaton, tells the stories of the people who make motorcycling the sport that it is. It's available monthly to AMA members. Become a part of the largest, most diverse and most enthusiastic group of riders in the country by visiting our website or calling 800-AMA-JOIN.

  • Motocross Racers : 30 Years of Championship Dirt Bikes

    MotorBooks International. 2014. ISBN: 0760312397,9780760312391. 159 pages.

    Off-road motorcycling is on the rise. Sales are up, motocross gates are filling with riders, and new manufacturers are dotting the motocross landscape, with Cannondale being the most notable of a group that also includes expensive, exotic bikes by Gas Gas, Vertemati, and TM. In addition, the new four-strokes are making waves among the sports participants, and the X Games are bringing the sport even further into the mainstream. The first book available on the subject includes; awesome mix of fresh and archival photography; and the author is the editor of VMX, the premier magazine for vintage motocross fans. This is an inspiring tribute to a long-time American favorite that continues to elevate in popularity and exposure. Motorcross racing pits man and machine against a jump-filled twisting dirt race course and 10 to 40 other riders. The first one to the checkered flag wins. In recent years, interest in the history of motorcross has led restorers, collectors, and enthusiasts to resuscitate motorcross racing machines back to their original condition. In Motorcross Racers, 30 significant examples of restored race bikes are profiled with stunning color photography and detailed information about the machine’s race pedigree and historical significance. Author Ray Ryan, editor of VMX magazine and one of the world’s vintage motorcross experts, collected photographs of perfectly restored historic motorcross models. The book includes: • Rickman Metisse • 1969 Hodaka Super Rat • 1975 Husky Mikkola Replica • Twin-port CZs of the 1960s • 1973 Honda CR250 • 1981 Maico MC490 • Brad Lackey’s 1978 Honda RC450 • Mike Bell’s 1980 Yamaha OW40 • Johnny O’Mara’s 1980 Mugen 125W1 • Jeff Ward’s 1985 SR250 and 1992 KX250 With lavish photography of rare machines and in-depth information from an expert on the subject, Motocross Racers is a unique look at one of American’s fastest-growing motorsports.

ktm motorcycle dirtbike motocross mx twostroke
KTM 350cc 1988
KTM 350cc Motocross
Photo by Gunner111 on Flickr
ktm motorcycle motocross mx twostroke 500sx
KTM 500
Rusper, Sussex, UK
Photo by Gunner111 on Flickr
nyc ktm motorcycle javits rc8
Ktm rc8
Photo by David Yarnell on Flickr

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