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Torque Converters Explained -EricTheCarGuy

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  • butters

    what is the purpose of a lock up torque-converter?

    *A torque converter is a type of hydrodynamic drive whose function is very similar to that of a fluid coupling. The principal difference is that whereas a fluid coupling is a two element drive that.

  • Hugo

    symptoms of a bad torque converter?

    I have 1994 TBI 5. 7 V8 2wd with a new 4L60e transmission old torque converter how can i test my torque converter is working properly and what is the function of it. yes it truck moves but it fells like it lacks power high RPMs but slow movement,.

    Having a properly-working torque converter is something you need so your car’s transmission will work. If it is not working correctly, there are some signs that you will notice. Here is a list of.

  • krookedsb23

    What is a torque converter?

    Just wondering. what do they do to help performance and whatever.

    Torque converters are simple fluid couplers. Basically these convert the drive from the engine by the flow a a fluid through a set of two impellers and one stator. fluid flows through the.

  • Patrick C

    Torque Converters?

    Why is necessary for a toque converter to be used in conjunction with an automatic gearbox.

    There has to be some kind of connection between engine and transmission. If hooked directly it would be nescessary to have very low first gear, or lift driving wheels from the ground in order to.

  • Tom

    Simplify what a torque converter is?

    what is a torque converter exactly. what purpose does it serve on vehicle. symptoms of when it starts to go bad. why a vehicle needs it. with out one, what would a vehicle run like. simplify any other things you want to throw in also.

    A torque converter is a device that is used to connect your engine to your transmission. It uses centrifugal force via transmission fluid to turn your wheels. its physically attached to your.

  • Tim H

    Comet Torque Converter,What Will I Notice?

    Hey can you tell me what kind of differences one would notice when going from a centrifugal clutch to a comet torque converter on a mini bike. They are not cheap so I would expect some noticing.

    A torque converter is a waste of money for something like that. A torque converter is always going to have a large amount of power loss to the drive wheel because its a fluid filled device which.


  • Automotive Service

    Cengage Learning. 2003. ISBN: 1401812341,9781401812348. 1276 pages.

    Contains a comprehensive text on automotive repair and maintenance and includes seventy-nine lessons on such topics as engine operation and service, cooling and fuel systems, shop procedures and safety, and electrical systems.

  • Heavy Duty Truck Systems

    Cengage Learning. 2010. ISBN: 9781435483828,1435483820. 1280 pages.

    HEAVY DUTY TRUCK SYSTEMS, 5th EDITION is a best-selling introduction to servicing medium-and heavy-duty trucks, providing a strong foundation of content on Electricity and Electronics, Power Train, Steering and Suspension, Brakes, and Accessories Systems. The fifth edition has been updated throughout including an introduction to Eaton DM clutches and comprehensive coverage of Caterpillar's new highway vocational transmission, updates of electricity and electronics to cover new battery technology, and coverage of new FMVSS 121 (2009) stopping distance for semi-combinations. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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