Fixing A Low Oil Pressure Gauge

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 42 years, shows how you can fix your car if the oil pressure gauge is reading low. com for free answers to all your car questions.

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These days, most cars come with a speedo, rev-counter, odometer, water temperature gauge and a fuel gauge permanently on display.  Many also feature a host of digital readouts which can be accessed through the infotainment system. For now, let's look solely at the temperature readings and what you should.


Yahoo answersHow does an oil temp gauge work?

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    there is a censer on the oil pump that is wired to the gage cut the wire and attach to the new gage

Yahoo answerswhat is wrong with my oil temp gauge?

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    Corvettes and Camaros have oil temperature gages but not Ford trucks. Hells Bells, older Ford trucks don't even have volt meters. Without a doubt your oil pressure sending unit is bad inside the.

Yahoo answersI want to see a picture of a 70 - 80 corvette oil temp gauge?

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    I have one but since you didn't ask nicely, I'm not showing it to you.

Yahoo answers1995 GMC Sonoma, oil temp gauge drops to zero randomly, any ideas?

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    You may have faulty oil sensor or faulty oil pump. Although, I would first replace the sensor ( it is cheaper then the pump and easier to get to). If that doesn't correct the problem, you will.

Yahoo answershow to install mechanical oil temp gauge?

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    Most folks just take out the old oil pressure sending unit and put the line in there. Edit: I didn't read carefully. Same thing get a tee fitting and go from where the pressure sending unit mounts.

Yahoo answersTemp and oil gauge?

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    well obvisously you hooked something up wrong or they could be broken and need to be replaced

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