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How to Change Speedometer Cable on your British Car

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  • Arturo

    1995 honda accord speedometer cable?

    I have a 1995 Honda accord v6 and the speedometer is not working. Anyone know where the speedometer cable is located on the transmission.

    There isn't any cable used for the speed indicator gauges that is a electronic system that would have a speed sensor. If you're gauge isn't reading anything or is acting up the transmission speed.

  • brpeterson44

    1992 explorer Sport, speedometer cable location?

    I bought the 1992 explorer sport 4. 0, the speedo did not work, I looked under the truck and along the frame I found the cable with the square inner cable, and a wire harness. Where do I find the location to attach it to the transmission.

    The speedometer cable attaches to the transmission at the tailshaft - immediately before the driveshaft starts. The Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) plugs in between the cable and the transmission.

  • Christian M

    How do i disconnect the speedometer cable?

    Ok so its my 89 camaro and its doing that squeeky bouncy thing so anyways, I know how to take the cluster out but I can't unplug the speedometer cable. heho me out.

    The cable plugs into the back of the speedometer. Theres a metal U shped clip next to cable on back of gauge cluster. This clip holes the cable in. . You push that clip and at same time pull.

  • MEL

    Need to replace speedometer cable?

    I have an 85 dodge 150 pickup and my speedometer cable doesn't work. how do i replace the cable.

    Before you take anything apart you need to know if there are still parts available. I suggest if they still exist, that you verify what parts you need. Bear in mind that as well as the cable.

  • Al

    300zx speedometer cable?

    Im looking for a speedometer cable for a 1984 nissan 300zx. I have a black dragon parts catalog but it only offers speedo cables up to 1983. Does anybody have any idea where i can find one, or if i can get a cable from a different model year that.

    Try the dealership. If that does not work: then i can make you a cable or cable and housing. I repair Speedometers for a living and i can make ANY Speedometer Cable or Cable and.

  • Buttafree23

    how do i fix a speedometer cable that is loose?

    i need to know EXACTLY what to do to fix this, i have a 50cc baron scooter that i had for only a few weeks, only have 37 miles on it and the speedometer stopped working. please help in any way you can. best answer. gain 10 points.

    A typical motorcycle speedometer cable has a hex nut at the drive unit, (either at the wheel hub, [i. e. rear wheel for pre 70's Triumph/BSA][front wheel hub or transmission on Harley's, depending.


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