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Honda 37700-MBA-611 SENSOR ASSY., SPEED

Honda 37700-MBA-611 SENSOR ASSY., SPEED

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P0501 1998 Honda Civic Speed Sensor Diagnosis -EricTheCarGuy

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    where is the speed sensor?

    on a 2002 Citroen c5.

    Vehicle speed sensor or wheel speed sensor. I've never worked on a Citroen but a vehicle speed sensor is usually mounted on the rear of the transmission/transaxle or on the differential housing if.

  • Flighty 1

    Honda Speed Sensor...HELP ME PLEASE!?

    I have a 1994 Honda Accord EX. The speedometer isn't staying correct and the automatic transmission is shifting weirdly. This is a very recent problem--less than a week--and the cruise control worked on the highway yesterday. The speed is usually.

    remove your speed sensor get a ohms tester, your sensor has to wire only it those not matter just conected to you multimeter (ohms) and you must have some resistance, now try using a magnet on the.

  • rocker71

    89 gmc 4.3L speed sensor problem?

    I have an 89 gmc pick up that has sometimes gives me a speed sensor fault code(service engine) or a ABS fault code(brake light flashes) or sometimes the speedometer will not read anything(no codes). I tried replacing the speed sensor on the tail.

    I own a shop, and have done extensive work on these systems. Depending on which system you have, the speed sensor is sometimes in the transfer case on 4x4 vehicles. The one you changed may just.

  • Alex

    What more important speed sensor or oxygen sensor?

    I need to change both sensors but what the best one to change first.

    Speed sensor, especially if you have an automatic transmission. If the speed sensor fails altogether the transmission may refuse to shift above first gear. Oxygen sensors fail very gradually,.

  • irish_red_93

    Idle Speed Sensor?

    What is an Idle speed sensor and why can I not find it out there for sale. I have a 99 Sebring (Chrysler) and my mechanic said that my idle speed sensor is broken and need a new one, I want to get the part somewhere else that is cheaper than the.

    Idle speed sensor maintains the minimum required engine speed as ordered by Electronic control unit. (minimum engine speed increased if a wiper, light, A/C load is added on engine) Each & every.


    Location of a transmission output speed sensor?

    I cant find a - transmission output speed sensor - on my 1999 Dodge Ram Van 3500. THX for your help.

    Vehicle speed sensors, or at least a cable leading to it, are always hooked up on the transmission near the rear, because it needs to read off of the output shaft, which rotates at the same speed.


  • Chilton's Auto Repair Manual, 1993-1997

    Cengage Learning. 1996. ISBN: 0801979196,9780801979194. 2016 pages.

    Provides troubleshooting charts and repair procedures

  • Digital Phase-locked-loop Speed Sensor for Accuracy Improvement in Analog Speed Controls

    1975. 10 pages.
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ETCS train EM 202 from Geismar Italia at InnoTrans 2012
ETCS-Zug EM 202 von INFRABEL auf der InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin
Photo by Tegeler on Flickr
bristol separation solarpower 30mph cyclinginfrastructure vision:car=0656 vision:outdoor=098 vision:sky=058 whitchhurchway trafficspeedsensor solarpoweredspeeddisplay
Whitchurch Way Separation And Speed Indicator
Photo by samsaundersleeds on Flickr
car honda wiring gimp electronics diagram civic vss ecu hondacivic pinout vehiclespeedsensor fuelinjectors mpguino electroniccontrolunit
'02 Honda Civic EX ECU Pinout
2002 Honda Civic EX ECU pinout for MPGuino wiring. VSS wire is green/white stripe. Fuel injectors 1-4 are black/red/blue/yellow.
Photo by mcclanahoochie on Flickr

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