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Corvair Input Shaft Seal/Clutch Replacement.

Replacing the input shaft seal and clutch in a corvair.

  • leeaddicott11

    mechanical engine removed 1997 montecarlo what is the procedure to install torque converter input shaft seal?

    Place a suitable drain pan under neath the bell housing of the transmission remove the torque converter from the front of the transmission and place to one side. Cover the hub of the torque.

  • hawaiianking_03

    REBUILD TRANSMISSION i changed seals changed input shaft race now it wont go back with out locking up?

    ty gr8 can i install without ferther dammage.

    what if the input shaft race is out of round round. or the surface it's on. or the input shaft itself is out of round. or damaged. you have got to inspect every little detail when it comes to a.

  • Price of input shaft install for 2000 yamaha r6.?

    How much would it cost to have a new input shaft installed in my 2000 yamaha r6.

    I'm guessing the "input shaft" is the tranny shift shaft(see link below). I think the answer is, "more than the bike is worth. ", but I digress. The hard part is removing the motor from the bike,.

  • Moe

    where are the input and output seals located on a car?

    my car leaking transmission oil close to my oil pan but its not the oil pan leaking.

    The input seal is at the input shaft of the tranny, the output seal is at the output shaft. Power goes in from engine, and out to drive wheels. In the case of a front wheel drive, there are two.

  • Rob

    89 ford c6 tranny input shaft?

    i took my tranny out to re place the front seal, the the shaft that connects to the torque converter looks like it has been ground down or been rubbing on something in the tranny. Is it suposed to look like this or do i have a prob. there are no.

    the shaft is not a smooth surface anyway so more than likely if you feel safe enough to do it the pump gasket and pump o-ring should also be done the pump would have to come out for this to do you.

  • nilescn

    What causes automatic transmission input shaft seal to be damaged and cause heavy fluid leaks to occur?

    After hearing a short "one (1) pop" it was hortly after observed that heavy fluid leak was occuring at the joining point of the transmission and torque converter . After driving for about five minutes the accelerator pedal was very stiff when.

    if it is in the front, it could be a warped pump or the seal is just old and looses it,s tension around the neck of the torque converter.


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