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Ford F-350 Rockcrusher Differential Cover Installation

tv/ shows you how to change the rear differential gear oil and cover on a 2000 Ford F-350 pickup truck.

  • KS_04

    Differential Fluid Leak?

    I have a 2006 avalanche Z71, last week when I went for an oil change they told me to that my front and back differential fluids are low. Been reading all these horror stories on internet about oil change places. my question is:. If there.

    Differential fluid is a petroleum product and it doesn't evaporate. However, there are a couple places that it can leak. One is the differential cover( the big melon looking thing right in.

  • Colby

    How to take off differential cover bolts?

    So I'm replacing the axle on my 1995 mustang gt, and I ran into a problem: removing the bolts on the differential covers. I tried using a wrench, but that didn't work for me. Before I go out and get tools, I'd like to know what the best tool and.

    hehehe, i usually use a "butterfly" air impact and a 6 sided socket. if you cant get the cover bolts loose, youll never get the bevel gear shaft bolt/pin out. youve got to use 6 sided.

  • corkysol

    where is the differential cover on an 1988 ford thunderbird (5.0L)?

    no idea where the differential is.

    If you look under the car from the rear bumper, you will see a more or less round cover with multiple bolts on it in the center. That is the differential cover.

  • Chris M


    would a stock 97' GMC have the same 3. 73 gears as my stock 88' GMC. they are both half tons.

    Usually the differentials have a stamp plate on them that tells what make, model, and gear ratio they are. Otherwise, pull the cover and count the number of teeth on the ring gear and divide by.

  • tracker_57

    2002 Jeep Liberty Rear Differential Leak, help me please?

    I have a liberty which I purchased used and seems to run fine. However, today I discovered that around the rear differential box is all wet on the bottom, evidence that the fluid is leaking out. Is this likely a gasket issue or are we talking.

    A rear differential leak at the differential housing is one of 2 things. either the differential cover was not sealed properly during a diff oil change or the pinion seal is leaking. To find out.

  • Chris

    what is the easiest way to change the seal on the rear differential cover?

    2004 mustang cobra with irs. rear diff leaks fluid out of cover to diff.

    If by cover you mean housing then its the pinion shaft seal that's leaking. That seal can be replaced by removing the drive shaft then the seal and replacement with a new one. Its a DIY job if.


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