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How to replace left front axle seal and CV axle, Chev 4X4

This is a step by step description of how I replaced a leaking left front axle seal on a 2000 Chev Suburban 4X4. Details of how to remove and replace the CV.

  • SmallTalk

    Front main seal replacement?

    About how much does it cost to have a front main seal replaced. I think my work van (97 E150 cargo van) needs this replaced. Have an oil leak that has gotten worse. It runs fine, but the leak is obviously a problem. Thought it was oil pan at.

    front seal is easier than the rear seal the front of motor has to be removed pulleys,fan if equipped,harmonic balancer and water pump,to get to front timing chain cover would also be good idea if.

  • Terry

    dodge stratus front oil seal how to?

    2005 dodge stratus front oil seal replace how to replace.

    very fun job,you have to pull the front covers and pull the whole front of the engine apart to do this one,including the timing belt and pulleys,its about a days job to replace those because if you.

  • Kylo

    is a transmission pump same as the front seal?

    i have a 94 camry and the transmission "pump" needs to get replaced but whenever i look for one all that comes up is transmission front pump seal is that the same thing.

    The front pump seal is mounted on the front of the transmission pump. It can be replaced separately and can be purchased separately but requires removal of the transmission to install.

  • na8en_ne8an

    Changing a front seal on a transmission?

    How much does it cost to change a front seal on a transmission cost on a 94 t bird.

    I own a transmission shop, and I can tell you it is a job to do a 94 thunderbird. There is no room to work, and the drive-shaft is real hard to get out. That may sound strange, but the way the.

  • SoOo CoNfUsEd

    Front transmission seal??

    Ok I just bought a '95 Saturn and I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the front transmission seal, cuz I'm clueless. Any info anyone can offer would be a huge help.

    If you are talking about the front pump seal in an automatic trans for the saturn, You may not want to attempt this project unless you are familiar with this type of repair or are an experienced.

  • Denis

    How difficult and expensive is it to replace front seals on a Subaru Forester?

    Have a 1998 Subaru Forester, with an oil leak. From the front crankshaft seal. Wondering if a sealer will do the trick. How expensive for a repair shop. How difficult to do it yourself.

    Front crankshaft seal leak is common on the engine you have. Oil pump leaks are extremely rare on that engine, though common on pre-Legacy engines. At any rate, it is a bit of a job to replace the.


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