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How a relay works

How a relay works in easy to understand language.

  • Tina R.


    whats a medley relay.

    A medley relay is an event where a team of 4 people swim an equal amount of yards each. There are a couple different relays. { Based on age, cause I don't think a team of 8-unders will swim a 400.

  • Kalani C

    how do i set-up a relay?

    i want to have LED lights controlled by a relay. NOTE: I'M VERY NOOB. I need to know how exactly you would wire a relay. Ok i really don't know how to determine whats what on this relay i have. It's a 6-in relay (i think thats what its called.

    Relays are pretty simple to use terminals 85 and 86 are the "trigger" part of the relay- when power is applied to one terminal and the other is grounded, or ground is applied to a terminal and the.

  • Devang P

    How does Frame Relay deal with congestion?

    Frame Relay. Networking.

    Short answer: poorly. Long answer: In theory they will send a FECN or BECN (Forward Explicit Congestion Notification or Backward Explicit Congestion Notification) when there is congestion.

  • what the function of relay?

    this relay is use for the project smart card security system.

    You have a smart card security system. It keeps a door locked unless an authorized card is swiped through the reader. The card reader circuitry and microprocessor are at digital levels.

  • mattmo91

    DPDT Relay Question, backup generator relay?

    I have a DPDT Relay from Functional Devices called a RIB (relay in a box) Here is the link to the relay: http://www. functionaldevices. com/building-automation/display. model=RIB01P. This is what I want to do: We have a backup generator.

    Some of the terms you used to label your photobucket picture are confusing. This is what you need:. Blu N/C = from generator NTRL. Yel Comm = output, connect to APC Backup Battery NTRL120 vac.

  • SoRazy

    What are relay circuits used for?

    I understand how do they work. But I really can't find a good enough practicle use for relay's. Where are they used.

    Relays are used where a small current is to control a much larger one. Or when a single electric current is used to switch many things simultaneously. For example my tank filler. When the water.


  • Protective Relay Principles

    CRC Press. 2009. ISBN: 9781420014174,142001417X. 368 pages.

    Improve Failure Detection and Optimize Protection In the ever-evolving field of protective relay technology, an engineer’s personal preference and professional judgment are as important to power system protection as the physical relays used to detect and isolate abnormal conditions. Invaluable Insights from an Experienced Expert Protective Relay Principles focuses on probable power system failure modes and the important characteristics of the protective relays used to detect these postulated failures. The book presents useful new concepts in a way that is easier to understand because they are equally relevant to older, electromechanical and solid-state relays, and newer, more versatile microprocessor-based relays. It introduces the applications, considerations, and setting philosophies used in transmission-line, distribution-line, and substation applications, covering concepts associated with general system operations and fault detection. Topics include relay load limits, cold load pickup, voltage recovery, and arc flash. The author also delves into the philosophies that engineers employ in both urban and rural areas, with a detailed consideration of setpoint function. Analysis of Key Concepts That Are Usually Just Glossed Over This versatile text is ideal for new engineers to use as a tutorial before they open the instruction manuals that accompany multi-function microprocessor-based relays. Guiding readers through the transient loading conditions that can result in relay misoperation, the author elaborates on concepts that are not generally discussed, but can be very helpful in specific applications. Readers will come away with an excellent grasp of important design considerations for working with overcurrent, over- and undervoltage, impedance, distance, and differential type relay functions, either individually or in combination. Also useful for students as a textbook, this book includes practical examples for many applications, and offers guidance for more unusual ones.

  • Frame Relay

    Addison-Wesley Professional. 2014. ISBN: 0201485249,9780201485240. 338 pages.

    "This book offers an overview of the benefits and limitations of frame relay and how it compares to other networking technologies. It contains a description of frame relay technology, including architecture, interfaces, virtual circuits, and traffic management. In addition, the book describes the differences between the various carrier implementations and discusses real-world issues in design and management of frame relay networks, pricing, and procurement. The book also features several exercises, as well as numerous useful diagrams."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Champions -Germany Relay
Champions -Germany Relay
Photo by najeebkhan2009 on Flickr
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The 4x400 meter relay bronze medal winners - North-South
Five years ago... at the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney - another impromptu relay team.
Photo by CharlesFred on Flickr
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4x100m Relay-BHS
Photo by oscarandtara on Flickr

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