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Headlight Relay Mod. ( Part 1 of 2 )

Dodge M880Headlight relay Mod.

  • Vladdy I

    Honda CRV Headlights

    i HAVE A 2002 HONDA cr-v and the headlights stopped working. I tryed putting in new light bulbs and changing the fuses but none of that worked. Does anybody know what the problem could be.

    there are two headlight relays in the underhood fuse and relay box on the passenger rear side of the engine compartment. there are also two fuses, one for each relay in the underhood fuse box.

  • Jessie J

    Where is the headlight relay on a 1991 Kawasaki Voyager XII?

    I am buying a 91 Kawasaki Voyager XII and need to know where to find the headlight relay. I was told that was what was wrong with headlight not working an would like to know where on the bike it is. I can seem to find anything online as of yet.

    I have an '84 Voyager XIII, the 6 cylinder model. The relay itself is nothing more than an electrically controlled switch for electricity. In other words, when you turn the key on, a small wire.

  • Emmanuel G

    how do you install car headlights with relay?

    Here's what I found on wikiHow. This should work for all cars and trucks. Before getting started, you will need these things:. Head Lights. Electrical Tape.

  • Mike

    headlight motor relay location on 84 firebird?

    where are the relays located for the headlight motors on an 84 pontiac firebird. if the wires that the headlight motors plug into are always hot then that means the relays are bad right.

    No, if the wires are hot than the relays are good. But the relays should be close to the motors if I remember correctly. There are knobs on the motors themselves. Turn those to see if you.

  • Casual Catastrophe

    Wiring/Relays for headlights in '98 Wrangler?

    I have been doing a lot of research on how to wire driving and fog lights for my Wrangler so that they will turn on with the high or low beams of my headlights and all of that good stuff. I have it pretty well figured out how to hook up all of the.

    There is a fuse box under the hood with all the relays in it. The wires in the schematic are laid out nicely so you can read them, under the hood they are tucked into a corrugated black tube and.

  • peavey_S-'88

    Is my headlight relay bad?

    BOTH RELAYS ARE BEHAVING THE SAME WAY. *Together in their appropriate sockets only the right headlight operates at normal brightness. *Either of them singly installed in the RH socket, only the right headlight operates at normal brightness.

    Once a relay clicks it makes a connection and the power goes thru to light. so no its not a relay its your headlight connection or the wire is corruded and broken making contact when wire is moved.


  • Mazda MX-5 Miata 1.8

    Veloce Publishing Ltd. 2006. ISBN: 9781845840907,1845840909. 300 pages.

    All 1.8 models, inc. Eunos, from 1994 (all pop-up headlight models). Phenomenally detailed, informative, helpful & easy to understand. Every detail of important repair & maintenance jobs is covered.

  • Today's Technician

    Cengage Learning. 2000. ISBN: 0827370067,9780827370067. 32 pages.

    A two-volume set provides both theoretical and hands-on knowledge of the electric systems on board heavy-duty trucks, allowing the diagnosis and repair of faulty systems.

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