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Door Jamb Light Switch and Door Jamb Protection

to/UzWgTY Here's a link to the Cooper Jamb Switch I'm using. In this video you'll see a great closet switch that automatically turns the lights o.

  • Marco Polo

    door jamb switch removal?

    I am planning on wiring up some led's in my 1995 f150 so that they turn on when the door is open but I can't find way to get to the wire for the door jamb switch to wire it up. Can someone help me find a way to get it out or find where the wires.

    The simplest would be to wire them into the overhead light, which comes on when you open the door. If you plan to do this to all doors, then you'll have some lights coming on when the door is still.

  • joshua

    1997 Chevy K1500 door jamb switch?

    Need to know how to remove the door jamb switch on both passenger and driver side. The door jamb switch is located on the sides of the dashboard.

    Might take a trip to the LMC Truck website to look at the online catalog for you make and model truck as they have exploded diagrams for most parts, meaning where they fit. Likely have to go under.

  • spence72979

    Help with wiring a closet door jamb switch.?

    My master closet already has a light and a switch. i bought this door jamb switch and I thought i had it wired properly, but the circuit breaker trips when i turned it back on. There are currently 3 black wires and 3 white, plus ground.

    You are pretty confusing but i will tell you that you have a direct short some where, eithier you hooked up a hot wire to a neutral wire or ground or you have a wire damaged some where . for the.

  • MzSexyBytch

    Door Ajar Sensor??? PLEASE HELP?

    I Have a 97 Dodge Stratus and It keeps saying my door is open when its really not. I dont know whether there is a fuse to shut it off for good or if there is something I can do to simply fix it. PLEASE HELP.

    There's a switch in the door jamb that's probably bad. When you open your door does your dome light come on. Try that with each door to see if you can find the one that doesn't work. Only problem.

  • tjsuszka

    door jamb switch 96 taurus?

    I need a new switch - where is it located on this model. I see an area when the door is open with a black encasement - looks like an electrical connection. Is this it or is it under the door panel.

    the door jam switch is located on the door frame, its probably black or white plastic, but some cars have metal ones too. hope this helps.

  • Marco Polo

    what are the wires going to the door jamb switch?

    I have a 1995 f150 with a 302 and I bought some blue led lights that I want to put under the seats to give an ambient glow when the doors are open. I am planning on wire the driver side into the driver jamb switch and the passenger side lights.

    they control the micro switch that causes the dome lights to come on with door open,


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Sitting room door, Admiralty House
There are two doors to the sitting room. One leads off the kitchen, the other one (this one) is in the front hallway. This door was painted shut, and a light switch installed so its lip protruded over the door jamb....
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