Cold Start Valve

A101 on the mechanism that helps our cars start in the cold.

Click and Clack Talk Cars: Urea is a legitimate expense for Mercedes - The Daily Jeffersonian

DEAR TOM AND RAY: Can this be true, or are my wife and I just gullible. Our dealer claims that we need to add "urea" to our BlueTec 350 Mercedes engine. With 21,000 miles on the car, we have spent almost $200 with the dealer to add this "urea. Are we being taken for the ultimate luxury-car ride, or is this a legitimate cost.


Yahoo answerswhere is the cold start sensor or valve on 92 nissian stanzia?

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    I would lean more to the (AAC) auxiliary air control valve because that car does not have a cold start sensor or valve. best to scan the vehicles computer for codes and sensor.

Yahoo answersCold start valve on a 1990 Volvo 740GL?

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    Look on the inlet manifold, you will see a pipe running from the fuel injector rail to a device on the manifold with a wire going to it. This is the cold start en richer jet.

Yahoo answersDo you need a bolt for a cold start injector valve?

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    be specific.

Yahoo answersi am looking for a cold start valve for 1989 camaro v6 cant find it anywhere'?

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    Hi I have a 1993 Grand Prix with the 3. 1L MPFI V6 which is the same as your 2. 8L V6 in your Camaro. Older GM cars don't use cold start injectors they use the cars computer to richen the fuel.

Yahoo answerswhy my 92 Mercedes 300E does not start when it is cold outside?

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    You may need to replace the relay. I think on that car its part of the fuel pump relay. Its what turns the cold start valve on.

Yahoo answersHow to fix cold start problem in 1985 Mercedes 190e. Runs fine once it starts...can take almost 100 cranks.?

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    If its diesel you have glow plugs plug it in at night. If not diesel you can get a oil dip stick heated they work great.

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  • Click and Clack Talk Cars: Urea is a legitimate expense for Mercedes

    If you sent her out there, she may never listen to you again. RAY: The car is starting fine, so there's nothing wrong with its cold-start operation. The problem occurs when the car is transitioning from cold-start to normal run conditions.

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    In addition to this, a variable oil pump has been developed, as has a heat-management process which stops the coolant circulation when the engine is cold, so that the engine and engine oil heat up faster during a cold start. What's more, the camshaft

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    Q: We have a stuck diverter tub/shower valve. Do you know of a solution that would free up the valve that doesn't have a lot of “don't's”? A: If your diverter is in the wall, turn off the water and stop up the drain so you don't lose anything.

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