Yahoo answersFlying car?

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    Contrary to popular belief there have been some very interesting advances in this field. The use of ducted fans and cheaper turbine engines is making it a real possibility. The big problem is.

Yahoo answersIf a flying car is invented, how will the "air road" system work?

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    It is a nice little fantasy but in reality, millions of "hovercars" and such that individuals actually controlled would never work, people are idiots. Imagine all of the clunkers you see driving.

Yahoo answersWhat can I do to make my flying car a reality ?

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    Build your design as a radio controlled craft with a glow engine. When everybody sees how well it flies they will want to invest in having you develop it. I expect to be evaluating your design.

Yahoo answersWhat happened to the flying car we were all supposed to have by now?

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    but the world was post to blow up in 2000. so they said all this stuff thinking we would not make it to 2000 maybe haha happy new year.

Yahoo answersHow do you go from being a nobody like me to building the flying car of the future ?

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    If you build it. they will come. gotta love this attempt. The Flying Pinto Sept 11th 1973. http://www. cookieboystoys. com/mizar/10%20mizar.

Yahoo answersWhat would happen if someone built a flying car?

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    The driver would go on a ultimate adventure and save hundreds of innocent children from a Jewish pedophile. and well they would have to settle it in court at first I would think.

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  • Envision a flying car — now envision it on autopilot

    NEW YORK — Aviation company Terrafugia's first step toward creating a flying car does not allow drivers to hover over downtown traffic gridlock and land on city roads or highways. But the company's vision for making flying safer and more accessible

  • New York Auto Show: Flying car and more make their debut

    The car, which has an estimated 640 horsepower, is lighter than previous models. The Terrafugia Transition "flying car" sits on display. The Transition, developed by a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology-trained engineers, seats two and can

  • Year of 'Flying Car' Has Arrived

    By Matt Towery When I was a kid, we dreamt about someday owning a "flying car" like the ones we saw in cartoons. Back in those days, I also heard my dad warn that "someday we will have another depression, where the financial world just collapses

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