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How to Replace Sway Bar Bushings

Here is a guide on how to replace sway bar bushings on a 2007 Saturn Ion.

  • Antonio B

    Stabilizer Bar Bushing?

    I have a 79 delta 88 and i need Stabilizer Bar Bushing on the left front could somebody tell what size bushing I sould get the bar is about 7'' long please help.

    just go to the parts store and get a stabilizer bushing repair kit for a 79 delta 88.

  • mr blue

    Fix loose stabilizer bar?

    This morning i found out my stabilizer bar had come loose. One of those pins broke and so the other end just came loose and now it is grinding. Is this an easy fix. (93 buick Lesabre). Thank you for your time and efforts.

    Im assuming you mean "Sway" bar, and its an easy fix. Tie it up to prevent damage until then. You cant fix it if you destroy it. Its held on by a bushing. They usually are just screwed on, but.

  • Gordon

    can i use a diiferent brand steering stabilizer on a pro comp lift kit?

    i have an 05 silverado with a 6inch pro comp lift kit. pro comp dose not offer a steering stabilizer. can i use a different brand such as skyjacker.

    A steering stabilizer is not a lift component, it's an accessory. You should be able to add what ever brand stabilizer that you wish. I have a 1998 Jeep Wrangler with Pro Comp 4 inch lift and a.

  • Highway

    What happen if I dont change my Outer Stabilizer bar bushing or the Sway Bar Bushing on my truck?

    What happen if I dont change my Outer Stabilizer bar bushing or the Sway Bar Bushing on my my truck. What do the Outer Stabilizer bar bushing or the Sway Bar Bushing do to your car.

    These bushings are the anchoring point of suspension components. They are typically rubber and over time grow soft with age and wear. When replaced a mild increase in stability is typical due to.

  • mom3

    how do you take stabilizer bars off 2000 dodge mini van?

    Raise vehicle on jack stands or centered on a frame contact type hoist. See Hoisting in the Lubrication and Maintenance section of this manual, for the required lifting procedure.

  • Paul H

    i would like to know how to change a stabilizer bar in a olds intrigue?

    the front is what i am working on.

    Do you mean the bar that goes across the front end of the vehicle from the left to right. You have to compress the control arms (They are attached to the front wheels)enough to be able to remove.


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