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2.250" Boring Bar Alignment Kit Demo

Jesse Voysey of Brunson Instrument Company demonstrates the Alignment Kit for Portable Boring Bars.

  • Ronnie A

    eibach alignment pro-kit?

    I want to lower my 06 altima se using eibach pro-kit springs, I understand that I need to purchase camber kits. What camber kit should i buy that would compliment my springs. and do I need to purchase 2 sets. one for front and one for back.

    Rear camber is adjustable already you only need a camber kit for the front. install springs with out new shock struts front and shocks rear may be a mistake. 4 wheel alignment after you replace the.

  • I have a 99 Accord. Firestone said they could not align without me buying an alignment kit for $400.?

    When stores recommend an "alignment kit" it is because one of the alignment angles is out of specification and either cannot be adjusted or cannot be adjusted within specification. Typically that.

  • r. m

    Do you need a camber kit installed even if the car was aligned professionally?

    Along with some new shocks and struts, I am getting a set of (Eibach Pro or HR) springs for my car, and I am going to have them installed at a shop. If I get the car professionally aligned directly after the suspension upgrade, is it still.

    If the shop can get the alignment within spec there is no need for a camber kit. A camber kit is used when you drop the car to a point where a regular alignment will not bring the car into spec.

  • U 2

    Explain wheel alignment?

    In detail please explain wheel alignment without links to follow, thanks.

    Wheel alignment is defined as the measurement, analysis, and adjustment of steering and suspension angles to conform to manufacturer specifications. These angles usually include, but are not.

  • accord

    Alignment for my car?

    I never done an alignment on my car before so I really dont know what kind of alignment to do. What should I ask them or what should I tell them to do when I get an alignment. I got 4 camber kits and my car is lowered 3 inches back and front.

    If your car was lowered using a 'kit. I would recommend checking with them to see if it needs any unusual alignment settings. Otherwise any alignment shop can lookup the stock specs for you.

  • chris

    Lift kit alter alignment?

    I was going to buy a excellent conditioned Jeep Wrangler for my fist car. But it has a 4 inch lift in it. Also the steering wheel in about 1/4 off. (so instead of like - its like l, if ya no what im sayin). My parents say that a lift doest.

    Your parents are idiots. Get an alignment and have them recenter the steering wheel.


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  • Instructions for Using the Kodak Copy Alignment Kit

    1975. 3 pages.
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Check alignment between surfaces and floor pattern
Here you can see the top edge of the oil cooler exhausts (upper wing surface just inboard of the nacelles) lined-up with the undersides of the horizontal stabilizers. This kind of internal check is a must when...
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Alignment of PCB on screen
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