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How To Change A Tie Rod On Your Vehicle

Scotty Kilmer, a mechanic for the last 42 years and counting, shows how to change a tie rod on your vehicle.

  • john

    hyundai elantra tie rod assembly?

    im wondering if anyone out there knows of a site that shows the full tie rod assembly for a hyundai elantra 2002.

    This is the inner tie rod assembly. http://www. com/autozone/parts/Duralast-Tie-Rod-End/_/N-8oxky. itemIdentifier=930938&_requestid=832083. And this is the outter tie rod assembly.

  • Tie rod assembly????

    Ok so i have a mercedes 300se that needs the tie rod ends replaced well the whole assembly. I have never done it on one before but i have done it on other cars. Heres the thing people are telling me theres a right tie rod and a left tie rod is that.

    After 23 years working on Benz I still don't know why they have two part numbers for tie rods that are basically the same , After you install your tie rods your alignment guy will set the toe.

  • fxtrade

    2004 VW Jetta mk4 bad tie rod?

    I have a 2004 VW Jetta GLS 1. 8T. I took it for an oil change, and I was told that I needed to replace my "right tie rod assembly", and also the "Pendulum engine mount/VF Pendulum mount. I've been hearing a loud popping noise on the right.

    A tie rod is just as it sounds, it "ties" the steering rack to the wheels. There are two ends two any rod, and two ends to your tie rod. A tie rod assembly will be the rod and both ends.

  • Jr

    Tie rods affect handling? what are tie rods?

    I just noticed that my car shakes when im on freeway , when i went to do my oil change they told me my tie rods are damaged. What exactly are tie rods.

    Tie rods connect the steering movement of the steering wheel to the wheel. Most cars have two, one for each wheel. It's just a piece of structural tubing, like 1. 5" around, with a flexible joint.

  • brinais2sweet

    Does a 1997 Mazda Millenia have a tie rod assembly?

    My mechanic told me I needed this part, I tried calling around to buy it wholesale but everyone is telling me that there is no such part for this car.

    Your car, like all cars with indepedent front suspension has inner and outer tie rods ends. These are sold individually for your vehicle, not as a complete assembly. That is probably where the.

  • twilightseven

    Car Question?

    Since I am a lady, I don't understand car termonology sometimes. Ok here's the question. What is a "tierod". The guy said that I need to get it fixed. Would it be safe to drive otherwise or will it mess up the car if it isn't fixed.

    The tie rods on the front end are part of the steering linkage/assembly. They keep your wheels pointing in the same direction while you are driving. If a tie rod lets go while you're driving.


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