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new tie rods now what?How to adjust

How to adjust the new tie rods.

  • Jim Bo

    Tie Rod Cost?

    How much would would it cost to replace the tie rod on my 1986 F250. That is saying I take it to a mechanic and including labor and parts. Any educated estimate would be a help.

    A tie rod end is about $60, and a tie rod adjusting sleeve about $23. Labor to change, and check alignment : 2 hrs. Ballpark: $200. But, if your tie rod is worn enough to change, on a 22 year old.

  • Tie rod assembly????

    Ok so i have a mercedes 300se that needs the tie rod ends replaced well the whole assembly. I have never done it on one before but i have done it on other cars. Heres the thing people are telling me theres a right tie rod and a left tie rod is that.

    After 23 years working on Benz I still don't know why they have two part numbers for tie rods that are basically the same , After you install your tie rods your alignment guy will set the toe.

  • Pyro



    tie rods are pivot points for your cars steering system. the outer tie rods are connected to the spindles (which hold the wheel) and connected to the inner tie rods by a threaded sleeve and rod,.

  • C

    how to adjust tie rods (outer) on chevy blazer?

    94 chevy s10 blazer 4x4 with tie rod ends screwing into sleeve. How do you adjust them. Do you have to take the tie rod off the steering knuckle and turn it. actually that helped not. I am referring to the sleeve with two bolts and two nuts.

    To adjust the tie rod , loosen both pinch bolts. Turning the sleeve one way will lengthen the tie rod, turning the other way will shorten it.

  • Todd B

    Replacing outter tie rods?

    Over the weekend my girl friend's dad helped me replace my outter tie rods on my ford escort. The right tie rod came off easily but the left one would not come off. When turning the left outter tie rod the inner tie rod would turn with it. We.

    Put a pipe wrench on the inner tie rod to prevent it from turning, while unscrewing the outer tie rod. Taking the bolts completely out of the adjusting sleeve may help. Heat the adjusting sleeve,.

  • roger g

    what is a toe adjusting sleeve?

    Its a threaded sleeve on a tie rod that allows you to lengthen or shorten the rod.


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