Connecting Rod Bearing Failure - 1997 Honda Civic

1997 Honda Civic, with a SOHC VTec 1. 6 LT Engine, has a bad connecting rod on the #4 Cylinder. This video shows the basic steps I perform to confirm which cylinder was effected and the sound that is made when you have a bad Rod Bearing.

MAHLE Clevite Introduces 60 New Part Numbers - (AMN)

MAHLE Clevite introduced 60 new part numbers in February for various types of bearings, filters, gaskets, piston rings and turbochargers. The part numbers are available for a range of light vehicle and heavy-duty applications. New part numbers are now available for the following products: air filters, fuel filters, engine connecting rod.


Yahoo answersRod Bearing?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    even those of us that have years of experience, I've been working on cars for 20 yrs, still have to refer to the books when it comes to the different clearances on rods, bearings, cranks and cams.

Yahoo answersHow to connect the rod bearing and torque for a acura?

Yahoo answersHow does a 1998 Ford F150 just lose a rod bearing out of the blue ?How much would it cost to fix?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Lots of reasons, the most common being a sludge buildup that plugs up the crankshaft oiling holes and the bearing runs dry. You didn't mention the miles on the engine but a 98 truck probably has.

Yahoo answersHow much would it cost to fix a worn out rod bearing?

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    Unfortunately, you are in a tough situation. When a bearing on the rod starts to wear. usually they all have decent wear on them. Depending on your engine, sometimes you can get to them decently.

Yahoo answersWhere can i get a connecting rod bearing for a Kawasaki KZ440 B-1 Motorcycle?

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    you may as well fix everything. I would replace everything that's worn. (all bearings). & do a re-bore & pistons & rings at the same time. most likely.

Yahoo answersIf you spin a rod, can you get an oversized bearing rather than replace the rod?

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    It depends on the root cause of the spun bearing. A spun bearing can be caused by oil starvation (oil pump failure, sludge, etc), a warped or broken crank shaft, an elongated hole in the big end of.

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  • MAHLE Clevite Introduces 60 New Part Numbers

    New part numbers are now available for the following products: air filters, fuel filters , engine connecting rod bearings, EGR valve gaskets, engine conversion gasket sets, engine coolant outlet gaskets, coolant thermostat housing gaskets and coolant

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