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Porsche 944 Steering Rack - Seal Kit Install & Tips

A quick look at the Porsche 944 power steering rack, a Porsche 944 rack seal kit and where all the seal go. At the end we also look at how the pinion unit be.

  • Jared

    Could I use a rack and pinion seal kit?

    I have a small leak on my rack and pinion and it doesn't feel like its bad at all from the steering wheel but could a rack and pinion seal kit fix this.

    unless you have a few specialized tools and some mechanical ability-I think I would have someone do the job for me--or just replace the rack with rebuilt one

  • cool dudeeeee

    power steering rack, and system?

    what does a power steering rack consist of and how hard is it to do this if you get a manual also what does a power steering system consist of thanks.

    It is basically a tube with a shaft in it. It acts like a hydraulic piston to help you turn the wheels with the help of a pump. Easy to work on but need to find the repair kit (seals and bushing etc.

  • TROY

    My power steering on my 300ZX gets worse the faster I go?

    Ok, so I have a 91 300ZX Twin-Turbo. I just bought the car and noticed a weird problem. In town the car steers great. But when I get it up to speed, such as over 45-50 mph, the steering gets worse. It becomes less responsive and it seems I.

    There is a steering rack boost valve that changes the steering pressure at higher speed. But most 300ZX need major suspension rebuilds to get back the good steering feel. Track rods upper links tie.

  • Arron K

    can i fix my leaking power steering rack without replacing it?

    i drive a 1997 honda accord and the rack is leaking around the boot. i have been told that it may be a seal. could i buy a seal kit and just replace all the seals.

    I trust your question is one of affordability. You have to remove the rack to replace the seal. the question is--how bad is the leak. you were told it is leaking around the boot it means the.

  • Jose F

    1997 honda accord rack & pinon?

    so today when i parked my car i hear a pop noise when i turned the wheel, i decided to turn it while looking outside to see if i saw what was happening. it popped once again and then the front left tire didn't turn anymore. i jacked up the car and.

    With out seeing your problem, I would think that if you could put it back and still have steering that the rack is still working. Have you had to add power steering fluid. If so I would tend to say.

  • jburger92

    99 dodge ram steering box is leaking at tie rod end. is there a seal there or should i replace the whole box?

    Those seals are easily replaced and there is no need to replace the entire steering gear box. You can purchase the lower pitman shaft seal separately for less than $10 or you can purchase a pitman.


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