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Apr 26, 12:44 PDT

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Steering Damper on a Sportsbike

Gotta put a steering damper on your sportbike.

  • Primetime

    What is the significance of a steering damper on sportbikes?

    The steering damper resists the tendency for the steering head to "wobble" left and right. in the extreme to become a "tank-slapper" which is the steering going from lock to lock - this is usually.

  • Russian CBR

    GPR 4 steering damper installation.?

    Ey are trying to charge me $50 to install Steering Damper on my 600rr. Can i do it myself. Do they come with installation manual. Anybody did it by themselves.

    Probably 6 little hex head screws to bolt a large clamp over your steering head bolt, two bolts on the gas tank near the triple clamp where a pin is located (remove the bolts, slide pin into place,.

  • snipa

    Does my 2006 yamaha r6 need a steering damper?

    One of my friends recently recommended i get a steering damper. Me knowing little about the mechanics of bikes, dont know if i should take his advice. Someone else said i dont need one. i dont race on the track yet, however i do do canyons at.

    never seen a front end fish tail, back end yes & a damper would not sort that out. steering damper is to cut out front end oscillations, if you have them look at tyre pressure first then.

  • brady n

    steering damper for motorcycles. Are they worth the money ?

    I have a suzuki bandit 1200 and was thinking about getting a steering damper. Just wondering if they worth the money.

    they are worth the money. see below for some info on DAMPERS. good site for suspension too. com/suspension_bible_bikes. "This is the reason for steering dampers,.

  • CommanderCrusty

    On a motorcycle, what does a steering damper do?

    What does it feel like to ride a bike with and without a steering damper. Do they help with straight line stability. I don't get it. I thought I wanted the handle bars to be able to move smoothly and quickly so I can counter-steer the bike down.

    you don't need it on normal street riding. it's for super fast speed and tight corners. it reduce head shake and stablize the steering. ur steering will be a lot tighter and way more stable if.

  • Ryan

    Where is Steering Damper on 1990 ford150?

    I just bought a new steering damper/stabilizer for my girlfriends truck. I've changed them before but for some reason I cant find her damper. Can someone gimme a hint as to where it would be. I can't find it anywhere near the track bar.

    Pretty hard to miss, it looks like a shock absorber mounted horizontally on the front end of the steering gear under the truck. Sounds like your girlfriend's truck doesn't have one installed.


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cbr600f3 cbr600 cbr steeringdamper
Hyperpro Steering Damper
1995 Honda CBR 600 F3 with Hyperpro Steering Damper
Photo by omninate on Flickr
cbr600f3 cbr600 cbr steeringdamper
Hyperpro Steering Damper
1995 Honda CBR 600 F3 with Hyperpro Steering Damper
Photo by omninate on Flickr
macro honda cycle motorcycle f3 cbr600f3 cbr600 cbr damper hyperpro steeringdamper hondacbr600f3 hyperprosteeringdamper
Illusions of Control
Hyperpro steering damper on a 1995 Honda CBR600F3. Post-processed with Aperture.
Photo by omninate on Flickr

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