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R and P Bellows boot replace

Common procedure for replacing a bellows boot for a rack and pinion steering system. With some shortcuts of course.

  • Jose F

    1997 honda accord rack & pinon?

    so today when i parked my car i hear a pop noise when i turned the wheel, i decided to turn it while looking outside to see if i saw what was happening. it popped once again and then the front left tire didn't turn anymore. i jacked up the car and.

    With out seeing your problem, I would think that if you could put it back and still have steering that the rack is still working. Have you had to add power steering fluid. If so I would tend to say.

  • 2003 Mazda Tribute Power Steering Rack n Pinion replacement costs?

    I have a 2003 Mazda Tribute that has a leak in the bellows boots(. ) and i was quoted $792 to replace the rack n pinion long kit (including tie rods) and 4. 5 hrs of labor. I live in Kansas City. Does that seem reasonable. Is there a fix outside.

    I live in Canada, but the price to me sounds reasonable. To answer the question, no if it's leaking in the boot, the end seals are out of it. It's not worth the time for a re seal because usually.

  • Joe B

    94 Taurus, power steering is LOUD any tips to reduce the noise?

    I'm going to try the turkey baster idea today, I've tried this with other cars and it didn't work so my hopes aren't high. Any other ideas.

    The fluid is probably foaming, which is a common problem causing whining and growling noise on those. The source of the problem is leaky rack bearing seals which allows air to enter the system.

  • Joey

    1998 Ford Taurus power steering problems. Can anyone tell me where it might be leaking out from?

    My power steering fluid went low on me a few days ago. You know the typical growling/whining sounds coming from my car when i turned and it also got very hard to turn. I put more fluid in and it seemed to do the trick for a day. Then it seemed to.

    I assume you are talking about fluid leaking from the steering rack bellows (aka boots). Sounds like you will need to replace the rack and pinion seals. A rack and pinion seal kit will probably.

  • Gerardo O

    is this car worth its price?

    1999 chevy camaro z28 for 7,500. Ace Racing Transmission ($1700) C6 Chrome Corvette Rims ($2000) Predator Programmer ($400) Eibach Pro Kit Performance Springs ($350) 3" Flowmaster CatBack w/ 3" cutout ($350) Cold Air Induction Lid and K&N ($130).

    Personally, it sounds like it has been completely mickey moused and you'll be buying a headache with loads of hidden problems.


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