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1999-05 Volvo 60/70/80 Series FWD Power Steering Rack and Pinion Assembly

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Rack & Pinion R&R

Rack & Pinion steering gears look like they are really hard to replace. Sure, some are more difficult than others. But many are not that bad.

  • Rick

    In my car the rack and pinion assembly is leaking?

    Someone checked my car and under the steering and suspension category that said that the rack and pinion assembly is leaking. It said that repair was suggested. I just got 4 new tires and a wheel alignment. My question is: is the leaking.

    you can wait for a few weeks maybe 2 months. the most common repair is to replace the old leaking rack with a remanufatured unit that comes with a lafietime warranty. usually when you have a leak.

  • JZ

    2005 Nissan Altima, Lower joint Shaft Assembly or Rack and Pinion?

    I took my 2005 Altima to Sears Auto Care because my steering wheel is very hard to turn. I have had other cars with power steering issues but this seemed different. It is very very hard to turn the wheel, and after completing a turn you have to.

    Nissan OEM rack retails for over 1,000 bucks. Call your local aftermarket part stores(AutoZone, Pepboys, etc) they sell rack from 300-600 for Nissans. I sell aftermarket reman racks all the time at.

  • ayoub

    my mechanic says i need to replace the bushings and pinions on my car. what are they?

    i went to do a state inspection on my 2005 murano and the mechanic says i will need to replace the rack and pinion mounting bushings.

    When you turn your steering wheel, it is the rack and pinion assembly that transfers that movement to your wheels. The assembly must be secured (attached to = mounted) onto the car and to the.

  • big j

    What is the danger if you need repairs to your rack and pinion assembly?

    I had a 87 RX-7 with a rack and pinion steering column and needless to say it cornered really well and I would imagine if the steering would become loose or damaged that it would effect my ability.

  • Wiqi

    steering problem. not turning left right smoothly. fluid is complete there is no noise heard.?

    i have toyota vitz car. last two weeks i found my steering is not functioning smooth. my car consumption is bad. its belt driven power steering. with this steering problem i feel that my car pick is not.

    The rack and pinion assembly is bad on this vehicle and below is a picture of it. http://www. com/product-gs/376534034/TOYOTA_VITZ_Stering_Rack/showimage.

  • budda

    what are the materials used to make a rack and pinion?

    is the rack and pinion made of steel or just the rack and the material of the casing aluminium or zinc.

    The rack and pinion assembly is made up of several different mixes of steel, aluminum, zinc, plastic, and rubber parts. From the outside you will only see the steel and aluminum but disassembly.


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