Trex 450 Different set-up #2 (Also bad main bearing). See Description

This flight was just an experiment to see how she flew after my last crash. A bad main bearing kept her squeeling pretty good, but flew her anyway. In replacement.

"Main challenge is to understand guest, expectations" -

Chef Ferdinand Metz, a certified master chef, has led teams to three consecutive world championships and was author of four editions of The Culinary Olympics Cookbook. Metz has foodservice experience of about two decades in various capacities and currently he is co-owner of Ferdinand Metz Culinary Innovations, LLC, a food service consulting firm.


Yahoo answersI have a 1995 Chevy 350 block and have put a little over $500 in motor work into it. The Main Caps?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    You should be able to use another set of main caps for a 350 chevy, and line bore the assembly. After line boring, you need to keep everything protected, and make sure that the caps go back in the.

Yahoo answersWill a cracked cylinder head also cause bearing and crankshaft problems?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Unless the coolant has mixed in the oil, you should be OK. Realize though that water (coolant) can not compress as a fuel/air mixture can. If there were enough coolant entry into the cylinders,.

Yahoo answersRebuilding a strait six for 62 chevy. Why would I need shims for the main bearings?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Take your engine to a machine shop,they will do it right because that is a very nice engine and not a good first rebuild for someone to do

Yahoo answersShould my idea be made into a book, manga, or anime?

  • Books & Authors

    Books are easier to done. By writing this story you can got into detail and shape your fantasy realm. With Manga you show the realm and draw out everything, so no manga if your not.

Yahoo answersLooking for a good game improving iron set any suggestions ?

  • Golf

    I would recommend the Taylormade '09 Burner irons. Not the Burner Plus or Burner Tour or Burner this or that. Just the regular '09 Burners. They are far and straight. I love them.

Yahoo answersDo you see a current WRESTLING promotion out there as a potential threat to WWE/TNA + YWWA Breakdown Results 3?

  • Wrestling

    WQ: Simply put, no. There's not really a threat. The fact is, most people have gotten used to how the WWE operates. And the WWE is about "sports entertainment. " They don't have many WRESTLING.

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  • "Main challenge is to understand guest, expectations"

    Set yourself upon a career path with specific goals. Set the bar high enough so it is a stretch to reach your goals, but not so low that it no longer represents a challenge. Take your time and set reasonable expectations for yourself, keep the plan

  • Goldman Sachs finds unlikely second home

    Goldman Sachs' office building at 222 South Main St. in Salt Lake City continues to add employees. By Lauren Tara LaCapra and Katya Wachtel SALT LAKE CITY — Some 2000 miles away from the hustle and bustle of Wall Street, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has

  • Stamp of approval for Dartmouth

    ONE hundred special stamps bearing the mark of Newcomen's atmospheric steam engine are making their way to the Dartmouth chairman of the Newcomen 300 Committee – after the town's Post Office ran out within five days of the commemorative stamps going on

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