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  • baja67

    need site that lists the p.s. reservoir return hose for k3500 truck also exhaust manifold boltswon'tstay tight

    this hose is a preformed hose and runs from the reservoir to the p. s. pump on a k3500 truck with hydro boost.

    Exhaust bolts are probably shot. Go to you're local purveyor of bolt goodness (if you happen to be in the Seattle, WA area Tacoma Screw is a great place) and get some new grade 8 bolts. Install them.

  • tiffany

    how can you flush your power steering?

    How to flush my power steering fluid in a 2000 cadlliac deville.

    drain p/s reservoir, disconnect return hose and direct to bucket. Plug off return inlet at reservoir and fill with new fluid. Now with a person in the car start and go lock to lock while.

  • Harry D

    What is a power steering hose and how does it work?

    There are two types of P/S hose one is the pressure hose which handles in some cases 2200PSI. This routs pressurized fluid to the gearbox. The other is the return hose, which may handle 50PSI this.

  • Matt

    Brakes making a groaning/rubbing noise!?

    2004 Chevy Malibu Classic. It was making this noise only when I was applying the brakes AND turning the wheel. The rotors are not wrapped. The brake pads were still good but I replaced them anyway. The calipers and pistons were also fine.

    If the noise is gone since filling the p/s fluid then you just have to find out what is leaking. Get a flashlight and start at the p/s pump, follow the pressure and return hoses, if no leaks found.

  • peoples

    anybody know the name of the p/s hose that runs around under the car where the driver seat is?

    i have a 99 volvo s80 and the power steering is leaking n its been parked outside my house for over a month now. n im really broke so i cant go to a place n have it checked out. but yeah or is there any site where i can find something.

    Rack and pinion steering lines and hoses are all forward of the firewall. They are made of oil resistant neoprene crimped to steel on the pressure and return lines from the power steering pump.

  • Serendipity

    water hose?

    I bought a water hose at Wal Mart and i used it today and i hate it. It is 75 feet long wich is too long and it kinks p really bad. What can I say to return it and what should i nuy in it's place. I just have a medium size yard and need it for.

    If you recently bought it, they WILL take it back. And, you do not need an excuse. Just tell them you would like an exchange, or refund. If you want to tell them something, say it kinks up - the.


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