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NEW 98-02 Honda Accord V6 3.0L 3.0 P/S Power Steering Pressure Hose 53713S87A04

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Part Identified as #8 Refer to item description below

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1998-2002 Toyota Corolla Power steering high pressure hose remove and install

The p/s high pressure hose was leaking by the power steering pump side, so we ended up rep.

  • Johno

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  • Tinkerbell

    Replaced P.S.pump & High Pressure P.S.hose, why is car leaking same fluid?

    Had brown fluid leaking onto driveway. mechanic said it was the PS Pump. I had a new one put in. Still leaking the same fluid. Went to different mechanic and he said it was the hose. Had new hose put in. Still leaking the same fluid.

    first off, you need to get the car to a car wash and hose off the engine compartment the best you can. top side sides and the bottom. then drive it to a place that you can let it sit for an hour.

  • Andre C

    I cant seem 2 find where P/s fluid is leaking from my 99 taurus.?

    the pump is old and whining and needs 2 be replaced. Ive been riding with a loud pump for about a month now and it just started leaking. i look under the car and see nothing dripping but i can smell the P/S fluid burning off something when i drive.

    P/S pressure hose is leaking,it is the hose that goes from the pump to the rack and pinion,the leak drips P/S fluid onto the engine pipe. Some even caught fire.

  • MackDaddy D

    Pressure in Hose question?

    I am mounting a tank on the wall, with an outlet hose at the bottom of the tank. I need a pressure of 25 psi on the end of the hose to activate a pump. The density of the liquid I am filling the tank with is 8. 62 lb/gal, the hose is 0. 5 inches in.

    May need some more info from you. Why do you need a pressure of 25 psi on the end of the hose to activate a pump. Usually it is the other way around, the pump generates the pressure. No problem.

  • Kevin C

    velocity of water from a hose ?

    A fireman climbs a 8 meter high ladder carrying a 5 inch diamter hose that has a 1. 5 inch diameter nozzle. The pump has an absolute pressure of 5 atm. (Acceleration of gravity is 9. 8m/s^2) ASsume that water is incompressible, its density is.

    Energy E = pressure P * volume V. P at nozzle = E/V = (5 - 1)*101325 - gh*density = 326900 Pa or J/m3. Divide E/V by density to get E/m = 326900/1000 = 326. 9 J/kg. v = sqrt(2E/m) = sqrt(2*326.

  • ibgoofy14u

    how do you change power steering hoses on 2001 hyundai xg300

    If it is the pressure p/s hose you are in for tons of fun. first, remove the upper and lower air box and the air inlet hose from the intake. look rown tward the rack and you shoul see two lines.


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